Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions of MarkTheTruth are under review and will be uploaded in near future.

However, in order to make you familiar with the Terms & Conditions of the MarkTheTruth. Let us give you an overview of what the Terms & Conditions would look like.

  1. We are optimistic Pakistani citizen
  2. We believe on empowerment of common people and in helping them to choose the best course of life for betterment of themselves and their families.
  3. We have strong faith on Islamic Ideology of Pakistan and consider all other ideologies, which conflict with the Islamic Ideology of Pakistan as un-acceptable.
  4. We believe not on leg pulling and thus discourage fanatics from inside and outside Pakistan, who attempt to induct hate and mistrust among the people of Pakistan & of the world.
  5. We consider intentional misinterpretation of history, news, events or any other subject as moral crime and will not allow such material to be published on MarkTheTruth.

Please be co-operative and be careful while using our services, whether you are a visitor, commenter or an author of MarkTheTruth. We reserve the right to delete any post or comment posted by anyone in the world, either our visitor, commenter or an author and without giving any notification, clarification or reason for deletion. Moreover, all authors and other types of authenticated MarkTheTruth members (Those who are given access and authority to administer MarkTheTruth) should not violate our Terms & Conditions. Otherwise, the right to manage or administer MarkTheTruth could be taken back and all or any write-up and comments could be deleted.

Let’s be c0-operative, positive and optimistic about your and your country’s future and let’s help each other to build up a healthy and wealthy nation.


2 Responses to Terms & Conditions

  1. pakistanfront says:


    Do you see a contradiction between the rules above and the laws of Pakistan?

    As far as International laws are concern. No such thing is enforcable in Pakistan, until or unless our lagislative bodies do not constitute such law.


  2. Karimdad Sandeelo says:

    I agree with terms &conditions with in the limits of laws of Pakistan and in coformity with international law.

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