Dancing at the Crossroads

Intolerance becoming naked in so called Secular India

Shiv Sina one of the many Hindu extremist groups is active these days on the roads of those cities of India where not only fashion elites but powerful representatives of all segments of society are residing. Media has reported activities of extremist group followers very clearly showing the growingintolerance & actual face of so called secular society of India.

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Lamb Allies with Wolf!

Kerala Christian Group and VHP join Hands against illusory Love Jihad

At a point of time there was a slogan by RSS combine, Pehle Kasai Phir Isai (First the Muslims then the Christians). And lo and behold that was the pattern of communal violence. First it began against Muslims and in the decade of 1990s Christians were also put on the chopping block. It must be a real ingenuity of RSS combine, popularly called Sangh Parivar to rope in the Kerala Bishops Council to fight against the Love-Jihad, a word coined by their propaganda mill, a word which combines two words and converts them in to a tool to torment the lovers, in case the boy happens to be a Muslim and the girl a non Muslim. It is the latest tool to launch attack against Muslim minorities.

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Dalit Issues & Upcoming Census in Pakistan

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12th June, 2009 – Hyderabad Press Club

A one day consultation “Census and its implication on Scheduled castes” was organized by Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network (PDSN- an alliance of organizations and professionals/individuals working against discrimination based on religion or race) on 12th June, 2009 at Press Club…

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Indian Nuke Proliferation – Abduction of Mahalingam


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Zaheerul Hassan

Units 1 and 2 of Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd's Kaiga nuclear power plant in Karnataka state, IndiaIndian famous nuke scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam mysteriously disappeared from the Kaiga Atomic Power Station on June 8, 2009. The Kaiga plant is located near one of the biggest naval bases, Project Seabird. The scientist was working on the atomic plant since last eight years. Reportedly, he was in possession of highly sensitive information and might be doubted for Indian nuke proliferation. Mahalingam was involved in training apprentices on a replica of the actual reactor. So he had knowledge…

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Main Plant Building & Ancillary Structures for Kaiga Unit 3 & 4

Black Cats in Islamabad

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Zaheerul Hassan

Pakistan government pulled back country from the brink of anarchy on March 16, 2009 after restoring the judges. General Ashfaq Parez Kayani played a very positive role in resolving the issue amicably. The military acted to avert, to correct and to clear the way for full democracy, Former Chief of Army Staff General Karamat called it the new military approach or Kayani Model in which , the army chief had been “invisible but around, fully informed and acting through well-timed and effective influence in the right quarter. The act of Armed Forces has been well received and helped in raising its image in the masses. Whatever the case may be, the Political and military leadership was able to save the nation from ”Bloody Holli” which was planned by RAW through its notorious segment “Black Cats”. Though, RAW failed in her Initial Plan but on March 16 2009, a suicide bomber…

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India – South Asian Don

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By Zaheerul Hassan

On 8 March, 2009 Ronald Noble along with Interior Advisor, Rahman Malik while addressing a Press Conference said that Mumbai attacks were partially planned in Pakistan. He revealed that seven countries including India were used for Mumbai attacks. On this occasion, interior Advisor of Pakistan has urged upon India to reply soon the 30 questions relating to the Mumbai investigations put forward. It is notable here that Pakistan government has fully cooperated with India in relation to Mumbai Drama but some how New Delhi failed to provide the solid evidences. The dossiers forwarded to Islamabad government are not even worth presenting as material evidence in the court. Ronald Noble very rightly said that…

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A Shock to Indian Diplomacy – Mumbai Drama

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By Zaheerul Hassan

On February, 2009 Bangladeshi Foreign Minster Mr. Hassan committed that Mumbai Drama was planned on their land. Unfolding of this issue slowly and gradually is continuously causing embracement and giving shock to New Delhi on diplomatic and international fronts. According to Press Trust of India on February 17,2009 BJP leader L K Advani demanded thorough judicial inquiry into the Mumbai terror attack since it could not have taken place without local support. The ruling Congress is still not accepting the actual facts and is trying to hide the failure of their intelligence agencies. The maligning Pakistan and ISI in Mumbai issue has again proved a cock tail story and blame game…

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 The militant Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the religious-militant wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the main instrument of the former ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, plans to triple its presence within two years in India's highly sensitive tribal belt that spans the six states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand. The BJP rules in all these six states, and in the seventh, Orissa, in a coalition government. Barring Jharkhand, where elections are due within a year, the party has clear four years of rule in these states and can patronise the VHP. (Advani still rules?: Female members of VHP train in firearms in the outskirts of Ahmedabad on 27 May 2004.)











Trishul-wielding Bajrang Dal activists at a Trishul Dikhsa function organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Lucknow.

Indian Army’s Penetration by Hindu Zionists & Fascists

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Indian Army’s Penetration by Hindu Zionists & Fascists
– Hitherto Unknown Sinister Nexus

Farzana Shah

Links of Indian military with Hindutva organizations are no secret now. Most of organizations are working in Indian society since ages like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc have long history of having links with military establishment at different level. The root of this cooperation is decades-old appeal: “India is for Hindus only”. This is nothing new but there is something new and that is the growing influence of this ideology among Indian military and elements that are now not in control of Indian military or Indian government but they are on their own agenda of Hindutva, a name given to same old appeal of race and religion regarding India.

Over the years Indian youth is becoming part of these militant outfits working under these organizations with same ideology of Hindu fascism but it never ends here as same youth got recruited into Indian military on regular basis. After being recruited these Hindu fundamentalist keep their links intact with entities like RSS, VHP, Bagrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc

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Flowchart of Army Terror Links




Terrorist training Camp in India

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