D-8 summit helps Pakistan come out of Int’l isolation: Malik

Islamabad, MTT News Desk: Vice President Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iftikhar Ali Malik on Monday said D-8 summit will open new vistas of development in the block which is home to over half a billion people.

He congratulated the government for successfully holding summit of D-8 countries at a right time.

Iftikhar Ali Malik said this while speaking at a dinner hosted by Chairman of Blue Area Malik Sagheer and Chairman Media and Diplomatic Affairs FPCCI Malik Sohail to celebrate the handing over of chairmanship of D8 Federation of Chambers of Commerce to FPCCI.

President FPCCI Haji Ghulam Kadir Sherani, VPs FPCCI Mirza Abdul Rehman, Shakil Dhingra, Dawood Pakwala, Sheikh Waheed Sandal, Salma Ahmed, Iqbal Tabish Secretary General Saarc and former FPCCI leaders including Kunwar Qutbuddin, Ch. Muhammed Saieed, Zubair Tufail, Manazir Ali Sheikh, Hameed Akhtar Chadda and others were also present on the occasion.

Malik lauded the role of President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Raja Pervez Ashraf to lead the developing countries towards better future by shedding light on available opportunities of progress and prosperity.

Collaboration of D-8 countries to overcome energy deficiency would result in boosting economy in Pakistan and other countries, said Malik.

All of the D8 states are capable of shaping their destinies free of pressures said Iftikhar Malik, adding that all of us have the basic strengths in terms of natural resources and human capital to become a powerful economic bloc.

Speaking at the occasion, President FPCCI Haji Ghulam Kadir Sherani said that the Summit did greatly succeed in carving out a roadmap for the Muslim-majority countries to jointly face the emerging socio-economic and global political challenges.

The vision adopted by the conference unfolded huge scope to join hands and work for the common good of their more than half a billion people.

He said that the main areas for a joint action by the D-8 members were identified as investment in the energy sector through public-private partnerships which was a great step.

Sherani said that such bold steps would help achieve long-term energy security and help collaboration in areas like capacity building, transfer of technology and exploration of new energy sources.

Speaking on the occasion Malik Sagheer and Malik Sohail said that D8 countries are in a position to achieve self-sufficiency in the critical area of energy.

D-8 member-states have both opportunities and challenges which we will overcome by joint effort soon for which understanding, liberalised visa regimes, enabling customs procedures and supportive banking services are imperative, they said.

Sagheer and Sohail congratulated FPCCI leadership on getting chairmanship of D8 Chamber and hoped that they will play their role to bring all countries together.


Why Indian neighbors are attracted to foster closer ties with China

Myths are galore about Indian subjectivity, arrogance mixed with prejudices and wicked mischief which actually reflect Indian imperialist ambitions and hegemonic designs. India cunningly politicizes the issues to fit in her schemes to draw advantage through clever manipulation of events using propaganda as an instrument of her state policy. In her efforts to become a regional power, India sometimes tends to emulate the super power “America” to show her preponderance, bravura and virtuoso. The aim is to intimidate her small neighbors. She frequently dictates terms in all aspects of state functioning disregarding the sovereign status, national interests and legitimate aspirations of South Asian countries. Resultantly the “Shining India” image gets tarnished as India finds her neighbors in a contesting mode.

Article source: http://www.markthetruth.com/current-affairs/210-why-indian-neighbors-are-attracted-to-foster-closer-ties-with-china.html

India’s Blame Game

Recently, India’s Home Minister Chidambaram gave a statement that India would retaliate strongly to Pakistan-backed terrorism. He said, If terrorists and militants from Pakistan try to carry out any attacks in India, they will not only be defeated but will be retaliated very strongly. He said he has been warning Pakistan not to play with India and that the Mumbai attacks should be the “last game”. Contrary to the statement of Indian Home Minister, it isthe Indian soil which is being continuously used for subversive activities against neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and China etc. No wonder New Delhi is facing some serious security threats but from within. These problems and threats are of absolutely indigenous nature. India is facing Naxal menace, which according tothe Indian Prime Minister is the biggest threat to countrys security . Similarly, the turmoil in the Northeastern states is also a result of Indian Governments inability to address their grievances. India is also facing communal violence perpetrated by Hindu extremists, having patronage of Indian government. The demolition of Babri Mosque, Gujarat pogrom and burning of Samjhota Express are few examples in which Hindu extremists butchered Muslims with complete impunity.

Article Source: http://www.markthetruth.com/current-affairs/190-indias-blame-game.html

Shadows Over LTTE


Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Zaresh Khan

Ever since the establishment of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 1976, there has been no peace in Sri Lanka even though many efforts were made through negotiations but all in vain. The government of Sri Lanka has always proved less enthusiastic regarding waging a war against the Tamils partly due to monetary constraints and mainly to keep up with the national integration of the country. But the LTTE…

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India – South Asian Don

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By Zaheerul Hassan

On 8 March, 2009 Ronald Noble along with Interior Advisor, Rahman Malik while addressing a Press Conference said that Mumbai attacks were partially planned in Pakistan. He revealed that seven countries including India were used for Mumbai attacks. On this occasion, interior Advisor of Pakistan has urged upon India to reply soon the 30 questions relating to the Mumbai investigations put forward. It is notable here that Pakistan government has fully cooperated with India in relation to Mumbai Drama but some how New Delhi failed to provide the solid evidences. The dossiers forwarded to Islamabad government are not even worth presenting as material evidence in the court. Ronald Noble very rightly said that…

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LTTE, Sri Lanka and struggle for controlling Indian Ocean

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Farzana Shah

Finally LTTE got routed out when Sri Lankan army ran over its last bastion and main operation center, Mullaittivu bringing an end to their decade-long domination of the country`s North. The Sri Lankan army commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka said the 25-year-old bloo

dy ethnic separatist war was 95 percent over. It is a big reason for Sri Lankans to be jubilant specially when they are about to celebrate their Independence Day on February 4th but on the other hand the restlessness of India over this new development can be well understood primarily due to her own internal equation of ethnic politics.

Under pressure from Tamil political parties the Indian government last week officially expressed concern over plight of Tamil population…

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Sri Lanka Defeated RAW’S Game Plan

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On 61 national day of Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse expressed that shadows of terrorism have almost been wiped out with the last remnants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cornered in a patch of jungle in the island’s northeast. He further stressed while saying “I am confident that the Tigers will be completely defeated in a few days,”. According to the media reports Sri Lankan forces have gained control over 98% area, which was earlier, held by LTTE. Tamil Tigers leader Velupillai Prabhakaran probably rescued back to his sponsored agency RAW. The terrorist’s movements in Sri Lanka were supported by RAW for creating instability because she had good relations with Indian rivals Pakistan and China since 1948. Islamabad and Beijing also stepped up for providing military assistance to Colombo. Further, President J.R. Jayewardene of Sri Lanka did not enjoy with Premier Indira Gandhi…

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