Who is behind Tibetan Militants

By Sajjad Shaukat

In the recent months, more than 50 ethnic Tibetans died through self-immolation in China, which included many Buddhist monks and nuns, calling for Tibetan freedom and the return of their spiritual leader, Dalai Lama who has lived in exile in India since a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

Many Buddhist Tibetans accuse the Chinese government of religious repression, while eroding their culture, as majority of Han ethnic group also lives in the regions.

In the past few years, several persons died in the terror-incidents and ethnic riots occurred in various regions of Chinas Xinjiang-the largely populated Muslim province. In January, this year, Chinese Police shot dead more protesters in Tibetan territories as unrest spread to some other areas including Chinas Sichuan province which was rocked with ethnic clashes. And in February, terrorists killed 13 people in Kashgar.

In that context, on January 24, US said that it was seriously concerned with heavy hands by the Chinese security forces. In reaction, a Chinas spokesman Hong Lei accused overseas secessionist groups of trying to discredit the government by hyping accounts of what happened, while Chinese news agency, Xinhua, revealed that police used lethal force after a violent mob attacked on them.

However, for all the incidents, India blamed Pakistani militants for supporting the insurgency to deteriorate Sino-Pak ties and to cover Indias role behind Tibetan militancy.

But during the visit of a Chinese delegation on October 29, 2012, while hinting towards India, US and some western countries, Pakistans Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs supported Chinese stand on Tibet and Sinkiang issues. It also condemned the miscreants for disturbing peace of Tibetan areas in the name of Jihad as well as defaming Islam in pursuit of western vested agenda.

In fact, Indian secret agency RAW with the assistance of American CIA and Israeli Mossad have intermittently been arranging subversive acts in Chinas Tibetan regions For this purpose, RAW has set up a number of camps where Tibetan militants are being imparted training, and are being sent to China along with arms and ammunition. Besides, these agencies also incite Tibetan religious extremists for independence, who have been setting themselves on fire. In this regard, with the backing of RAW, a Tibetan exile set himself to ablaze in New Delhi on March 26 to protest the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India. But, protests are common during Chinese leaders visits to Delhi. These secret entities are also fueling tension between the mainly Muslim Uighur people and Han Chinese to destabilise China.

Notably, on March 10, 2008, when anti-government violent protests by Buddhist monks erupted in Tibets capital, Lhasa and nearby provinces, India, while acting upon a secret diplomacy, assisted the same.

In that context, Indian Former Foreign minister Yashwant Sinha had argued that we should intervene to secure Tibets freedom, adding, We want good relations with China. But if we reach a point of conflict over Tibet, we should be prepared for that eventuality.

In May 1998, while advocating Tibetan independence, Indian former Defence Minister George Fernandes had declared that China is Indias potential threat No. 1.

Meanwhile, Indian media had left no stone unturned in exaggerating the casualties by manipulating Chinas crackdowns against the militants of Tibetwhich were essential to restore law and order. Full coverage was given to the Tibetan leaders and some western propagandists against Beijing. In fact, both New Delhi and Lama had covertly planned bloodshed in Tibetan territories, motivating the people for liberation.

In response, Chinas official newspaper, the Peoples Daily had said that Dalai Lama had never abandoned violence since fleeing to India, and was scheming to take the Beijing Olympics of August 2008 hostage to force China to make concessions for Tibets independence.

Indian dual Tibet policy has significant security problems for China due to the entanglement of the issue in the Sino-Indian border dispute. In the post-1949 period, New Delhi urged China to let Tibet be an autonomous region. On April 29, 1954, through an agreement, India had recognised Tibet as part of China. After the Indo-China war of 1962, Beijing returned the land it occupied in Arunachal Pradesh. Indeed, Chinas claim over Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) on the basis of old Tibetan religious links is logical.

Now, India which apparently shows mutual cooperation with China, is showing inactive approach in the solution of border dispute. But it has secretly been increasing military build up near the Chinese border coupled with covert support to the Tibetan insurgents.

There are also other reasons behind Indian double game. Fast growing economic power of China, its strategic relationship with Pakistan and development of Gwader seaport in Balochistan irk the eyes of America and India. Besides, US-India nuclear deal, supply of sophisticated weapons to New Delhi, Obamas recent defence strategy, which calls for greater US military presence in Asia, maintenance of six permanent bases in Afghanistan including Indian role there after the withdrawal of foreign troops in 2014 and Indo-US anti-Pakistan secret game are part of American desire to make India a major Asian power to counterbalance China. But Chinese see India as a future strategic competitor rather than a partner.

US President Barack Obama had also met Dalai Lama to indirectly encourage militancy in China. While, human rights groups of the US and some western countries exploit extra-judicial killings by Chinese Security forces to give so-called moral support to the Tibetan separatist elements so that they continue their subversive activities in these areas.

Nevertheless, the new spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhist monks and successor of Dalai Lama, Lobsang Sangay, head of the India-based Tibetan government-in-exile has called on the international community to not remain passive and to intervene to prevent further bloodshed by the Chinese security forces.

Nonetheless, with the tactical support of US, India which has given shelter to Dalai Lama along with his 120,000 Tibetan followers is assisting militants in the Tibetan regions to dismember China.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations.


APHC to hold a religious seminar to pay tribute to martyrs of Karbala

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: In Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK), the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) announces to hold a seminar on Sunday at its Hyderpora head office to commemorate the sacrifices of Imam Husain (RA).

The APHC spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the APHC Chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani and the prominent religious scholars would deliver speeches and pay tributes to the martyrs of Karbala.

The Chairman of All parties Huriyat Conference (APHC) Syed Ali Shah Geelani has felicitated people on the eve of Hijri calendar year and prayed and expressed his hope that New Year would bring joy, freedom and happiness among the whole Umah and Kashmiri nation in particular.

In a press statement spokesman of the conglomerate while quoting Syed Ali Shah Geelani urged the people to adhere to Islamic identity and adopt Islamic calendar instead of Christian era.

“We should congratulate our Muslim brethren on this auspicious day and avoid the western type of extending greetings on commencement of Christian era.” Geelani said.

In a statement Syed Ali Shah Geelani has cited the year 1433 Hijri a year of successes and victory for the Umah as in many Muslim countries the elections have clearly portrayed that the righteous and Islamic sections are making a headway in present world scenero.

We are optimistic about the new and revolutionary change in world order which is need of time for ailing humanity. Criticising the fascist and the enemies of the Islam, Syed Ali Shah Geelani blamed that these forces have always propagating negative propaganda about the noble and just system of Islam.

They have created confusion and misinformation regarding the Islam and it is our moral duty to spread the message of Islam which is based on humanity,values, piety. sacrifice and total submission in omnipotent Allah. It is what we can do to spread the message of Islam so that it reaches to every living being, added Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

Lashing at the western capitalism and socialism, Syed Ali Shah Geelani said that these systems have miserably failed to provide any relief to mankind. The socialism has failed and now is confined to Russia only. Syed Ali Shah Geelani reiterated that Islam is the only religion which has enough scope to address the problem which humanity faces now days.

Taking dig at secularism, Syed Ali Shah Geelani declared that we have seen the callous face of secularism in India and definitely it is at its last stage. Syed Ali Shah Geelani affirmed that it is only Islam which can provide a best and lasting solution to every problem.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani added the due to the presence of 7.5 lakh Indian forces and more than 1 lakh local police personals, a grave yard silence is prevailing but we are all praise for our Kashmiri brothers that they have exhibited the un parallel valour and steadfastness.

Haling the people for their courage and commitment with the cause, Syed Ali Shah Geelani said that the people have always followed the programmes of pro freedom parties and it is encouraging. Meanwhile the statement Huriyat conference has announced that 0n 18 th November a seminar is scheduled Hyderpora to commemorate the sacrifices of Imam Husain (RA). The religious scholars and other will deliver speech and pay tributes to Martyrs of Karballah. Tahreek e Hurriyat has solicited all pro freedom people to participate in seminar.

A Dangerous State of Denial

Seventeen years have passed since the destruction of this icon of Muslim presence in the subcontinent, yet there is no lessening of the pain that the incident caused. Much like a helpless stag surrounded by hordes of hyenas that lunged and tore at its flesh, the three domed Mosque silently stood under relentless attacks in utter helplessness; a haunting image that has stood frozen in time ever since. Mark Tully, the veteran BBC correspondent, once asked to recollect the most tragic event that he covered during a lifetime of reporting from the subcontinent, singled out the destruction of Babri Mosque, on December 06, 1992 as the most painful one.

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Indian Democracy and Caste System

Indians usually boast around as the bearers of democratic norms and holders of civilian rule through regular holding of elections and observing rituals essentially required by an egalitarian state. The arrangements appear to be going well with the hegemonic designs of elite class or upper caste Hindus yearning to remain in power by clever use of majority vote in India. The “Shining India” slogan jingled through media campaigns and other costly Public Service Announcements (PSAs) also raise speculations about the ground realities in India where discrimination of low caste Hindus and non-Hindu communities is the common practice.

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Liberhan Commission; Painful wait for Justice

Liberhan commission submitted its four volume report to the Government on 30 of June 2009. It might have been one of the longest times taken by any commission. Liberhan’s claim that the report got delayed due to non cooperation of leaders involved may have some truth as one knows Kalyan Singh avoided appearing before the commission for long time, and so was the attitude of many of those alleged for demolition. Still all the hearings were complete by 2004. Did it take 5 long years to write the report? Such a long delay in the report coming out, defeats half the purpose of the same. One of the minor reasons of delay has also been the differences in the approach of Justice Liberhan and its chief counsel Anupam Gupta. Gupta after he interrogated Advani, Justice Liberhan allrently told him to apologize to Advani for being harsh. While Gupta maintains that Justice Liberhan had been soft on Advani, despite his role of the chief mobilizer for demolition.

Aritcle source: http://www.markthetruth.com/minority-issues-in-india/229-liberhan-commission-painful-wait-for-justice.html

Vande Mataram – An Enduring Legacy of Vitriolic Hate

All national songs are meant to rally and unite nations, but one keeps wondering as to what is embodied in Vande Mataram, the Indian national song that has become such an unceasing source of friction and acrimony between the Hindus and the remaining communities in India, particularly once its title means; Salute to the Mother? We in Pakistan are lucky thatthe issue remains of peripheral interest but Vande Mataram’s threatening message keeps stalking the psyche of the Indian Muslims, constantly reminding them of the threat of being swamped over by a strident Hindu nationalism. The song’s potential to divide the polity in India was in full view recently by the extent of furor caused when a convention of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind supported an earlier Fatwa issued in 2006 by Darul Uloom which prevented a recitation of the song by Muslim children in state run schools. The reaction by Shiv Sena’s Executive President Uddhav Thackerey sums up the communal passions that the song stirs; “If you don’t want to salute the motherland, then whom do you salute? What is the shame in saluting Bharatmata? Those who don’t want to salute Bharatmata should go to Pakistan, Bangladesh. There is no such place for traitors in India,” he said.

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New Evidence about Hindu Terrorism

Last year, Indian Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Maharashtra arrested a serving Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit, a retired army Major Samir Kulkarniand and some other officials in connection with the bomb blasts in the Malegaon and some other Indian cities including explosion of Samjhota express which killed many Muslims and 68 Pakistani passengers. But latest reports suggest that after receiving directions from high level, an Indian team, consisting of police and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has compromised with the Hinduterrorists, especially of Indore regarding the incident of Smjhota Express.

Article Source: http://www.markthetruth.com/minority-issues-in-india/177-new-evidence-about-hindu-terrorism.html

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