Follow the essence of the Pakistan resolution

By Sajjad Shaukat

The 23rd of March 1940 was a watershed in the history of the Sub Continent, when All India Muslim League passed the Resolution in Lahore for the creation of an independent state. Now, it is popularly called as Pakistan Resolution. Earlier, in his address to the Muslim League at Allahabad in 1930, the idea of a homeland for Muslims in their majority areas had been envisioned by the poet Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal, and had become the aspiration of Indian Muslims.

As a matter of fact, the British colonialists in connivance with majority Hindu population had manipulated and targeted Muslims through every possible way. In that background, Muslims started struggle for a separate state.

Prior to the Lahore session of Muslim League, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had specified to this historical congregation of the Muslims, the watch-words of Faith, Unity and Discipline which were not only necessary for waging the battle for an independent homeland, but also for present Pakistan. So, while struggling against the enemies, the essence of these watch-words, is unity which is the real spirit of the Pakistan Resolution. However, it was due to the strong unity among the Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam that Pakistan became a tangible reality. But that unity started declining after passing through various crises, and the result was separation of East Pakistan in 1971.

The 23rd March which is celebrating by every Pakistani as the Pakistan Day, has come at a time when Pakistan is facing multiple threats of grave nature, which are not only worrying all the citizens, but also putting the very integration of the state at stake.

Unfortunately, it is because of lack of solidarity among our politicians, leaders and media that foreign opportunists have been manipulating the chaotic situation of Pakistan in order to fulfill their secret agenda by destabilising the country. In the past few years, nefarious designs of secret agencies like American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad can be gauged from a number of anti-Pakistan developments such as their support to insurgency in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, separatism in Balochistan and targeted killings especially in Karachi coupled with subversive acts all over the country. In fact, the US-led India and Israel is creating unrest in Pakistan through their spy agencies which have deployed their collective networks throughout Pakistan. These elements are supporting violent acts in our country on daily basis. Notably, the US seems determined to shift Afghan war to Pakistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, as Obama administration has already started a covert war against Pakistan where these foreign secret agencies are also assisting their affiliated militants and agents with money and weapons.

Besides, American double game with Islamabad, pressuring the latter to do more against the militants by ignoring the internal backlash, drone strikes on FATA, threat of sanctions regarding inauguration of Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project, accusation of cross border terrorism, perennial propaganda about Talibanisation of the country, Pak Army, countrys intelligence agency, ISI including Indias distortion of Pakistans ideology, its history, violations across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir etc.clearly show future aims of the US, India and Israel which want to denuclearise Pakistan.

It looks that the ongoing deteriorated situation is not being grasped by the general masses and even the political leaders at large, who abruptly change their opinion without logic. Therefore, they become unintentional victimbenefiting the external plotters who seek to weaken Pakistan by creating a rift among the political groups, divided on ethnic and linguistic lines. These foreign enemies also seek to create a division between the political leaders on one side, while Pak Army and ISI on the other.

It is regrettable that on the one hand, countrys multiple crises indicate that Pakistan is rapidly advancing towards a failed state due to the sinister designs of the external forces, while on the other, our media, particularly most of the TV channels conduct controversial debate between politicians and commentators, contesting internal politics. Besides our media, so-called human rights groups and NGOs are also following the propaganda of the external elements. In this regard, sometimes, these entities manipulate memogate scandal, sometimes case of the missing persons and sometimes Mehrangate issue in maligning Pakistan Army and countrys superior agency. In this context, let us know the example of the missing personsa majority of these people include those people who were either kidnapped or killed by foreign-backed secret agents and their affiliated insurgent groups. Many of the disappeared persons also went to Afghanistan for Jehad purposes, while some of them joined the Jehadi groups inside Pakistan.

Nevertheless, like the anti-Pakistan enemies, our internal entities have ignored the sacrifices of these security agencies against terrorism. Now, they have started a new practice of taking some cases to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, without knowing the fact that it is likely to demoralise the armed forces and ISI which are essential for maintaining the integrity of the country.

It is our misfortune that at this critical hour, while situation demands selfless unity, both our media anchors and some politicians exploit every terror-incident or negative development against Pakistan. While, it was owing to the non-interference of army that the civil government completed its tenure, but these media commentators kept on targeting countrys key security institutions in one way or the other. As regards the forthcoming elections, on renowned TV channels, our politicians oppose their rivals for the sake of opposition. Accusation and counteraccusations have become their routine practice. In this respect, they opine as to what the people want, but conceal as to what people actually need? Especially, it seems that a majority of Pakistans media anchors and human rights organisations are on the payroll of external enemies.

While Pakistans economic crisis has accelerated, bringing about other-related problems like loadshedding of gas and electricity, unemployment and soaring prices of products.
Today Pakistan stands at the crossroads of its destiny, facing internal and external threats to the national security of the country. Besides, people of Pakistan, its security forces and intelligence agencies are coping with suicide attacks, bomb blasts, sectarian violence and target-killings including sporadic battles with the militants in the tribal areas.

At this critical moment, the 23rd March demands true national unity. We can also deduce it from the statement of Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani who, while taking note of the present critical situation, repeatedly stressed upon national unity. Kayani especially explained on June 9, 2011, Any effort to create divisions between important institutions of the country is not in national interestthe people of Pakistan whose support the army has always considered vital for its operations against terrorists. Recently, he has again emphasised upon unity.

This significant day demands that our political leaders must pledge that they will not manipulate their regional and provincial differences at the cost of the national interests so as to grab political power. In this context, a blind dedication to ones own race, tribe and creed should not be allowed to create hatred in one group against the other. They must avoid exploiting present thorny issues in order to increase their vote-bank at the cost of security agencies. If any controversy arises, it can better be settled in consonance with the constitution. For this aim, in order to castigate the conspiracy of the external enemies against the integrity of the country, our political leaders, media and human rights groups must also stop manipulating any crisis against Pak Army and ISI whose image are deliberately being tarnished by the external plotters.

True unity against the foreign enemies requires that our rulers and leaders of other political parties and must create national cohesion among various segments of society. Particularly, our electronic media should give a matching response to malicious propaganda of the US-led some western countries including India and Israel which are distorting the image of Pakistan, its army and ISI. Pakistans TV commentators must openly disclose the collective connivance of CIA, RAW and Mossad regarding their support to subversive acts inside our country and against Pak nukes.

No doubt, at this crucial time, Pakistans survival lies in selfless unity and strong cohesion as at present, even a layman can note that our country is in chaos and it seems as if there is a war of all against all in the sense of Hobbesian state of nature.

We must follow the essence of the Pakistan Resolution through real unity which is not possible unless the government, the opposition leaders, civil societies and media owners pledge to sign a charter of integration which is very necessary to pull the country out of the ongoing serious crises.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations.


Muslim Conference delegation visits martyred Ubair Mushtaq’s family

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: Muslim conference spokesman advocate abdul hamid in a press statement has said the party chairman shabir ahmed dar along with his high level delegation visited watergam to show solidarity with the family of Ubair mushtaq who was martyred recently.

Speaking on the occasion Shabir sahib said the kashmiries are offering huge sacrifices to achieve the cherished goal of freedom.

The sacrifices are unparallel and the most precious treasure for us which we have to guard against all odds.

the chain of sacrifices which started with the hanging of shaheed Maqbool bhat to Shaheed Afzal guroo are only for one point programme of complete freedom.

For the attainment of this goal we need sincere pro freedom &fearless leadership.

We have keep a watchful eye on those who create confusion & doubt in the rank & file of pro freedom parties instead the priority should be to purify freedom movement from such anti movement elements.

We have to devise a policy to get people on roads instead restricting the movement of people.

We have to create (TAHRIR SQUARE) TAHRIR CHOWK in every city & town to attract the attention of world community, the way Shaheed Afzal showed courage & character while kissing gallows should be followed in letter & siprit by every freedom lover & activist ,this also should serve eye opener to those who think freedom is not an achievable goal.

Shabir sahib condemned the continued arrest of shabir shah & nayeem khan.

Kashmir seeks serious attention

By Aslam Kanwan

Kashmiris are struggling for more than 6 decades for their right of Self-Determination from India. Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK) has lost Kashmiris in this struggle. Kashmir is a global and conflicted issue. After 1947 the state of Jammu and Kashmir was divided between Pakistan and India as India refused to honor the wishes of the people of Kashmir. After the partitioning of Hindustan into Pakistan and India, the Hindu raja Harry Singh announced the merger of Kashmir with India. The attempt was against the will of Muslims.

According to “Two Nations Theory” Hindu and Muslim can’t live together that’s why from more than 60 years Kashmir is burning because Kashmiris are Muslim and have separate identity and territory. They want to live separately but India is occupying on Kashmir brutally. As this is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In UDHR the Article 13 there is clearly written, ” Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state”.

But innocent Kashmiris have no freedom in their on state.

India is completely violating UNO declaration on Human Rights and is not acting on the resolution that was passed by UNO on Kashmir issue.

This is alarming situation. 70 years are near to complete but no one is taking it seriously and talking about it. We daily see in pictures the brutality of Indian army on old people and women. Now where are the champion of human rights and those agencies who are fighting for human rights?

Kashmiris are facing Indian brutality from year and no one is there to help them for their rights.

I want to clear to those who say that Muslims are terrorists. Shame on you people tell me what is being done with Muslims in Palestine, What is being done with the Rohingya Muslims of Burma and what is happening on Waziristan?

Now it is clear that it is a conspiracy to tease and weaken the Muslims. These enemies want to destroy us and they are making plan daily.

Pakistan should take serious attention to resolve this issue. They Kashmiris are burning in blood from more than 6 decades and we just celebrate only Kashmir Solidarity Day” one in a year.

This is not enough and we should take it seriously because Kashmir is our integral part and we don’t want the dirty presence of India on our heaven.

On the solidarity day I was listening the statement of Imran khan that when he will come to power, Kashmir issue will be his top priority and he will solve this problem…

I can’t understand the hypocrisy of our leader why they says when they will come to power they will solve this and that problem.

I want to ask from khan that if you think that you have goodwill in India and if you say that you are sincere to Kashmiris people than why you dont start assisting present government to solve this issue. Why are you waiting. Its only your Power Politics and you only want to come to power thats why you are making fools the nation.

Please grow up and keep in mind nation is power.

Dhule Violence: Changing Anatomy of Communal Violence

By Ram Puniyani

The violence in Dhule Maharashtra seems to be the new face of communal violence in India. As per the report of a major national daily (Jan 26, 2013), the evidence with the newspaper shows the evidence of police looting and destroying the property. The video clips in possession of the civil society groups also show one police official exhorting the rioting mob to move on. So far even if it was there it was not so blatantly clear. One sensed the partisan nature of police as discerned through different inquiry commission reports, but this type of role of police is a new and downhill chapter in the history of communal violence in India.

Communal violence has been a major menace to our nation, from last more than a century, and more particularly from last three decades. Rise in communal violence can be correlated with the British policy of divide and rule. This policy was achieved by them by introducing the communal view of history through different books by British authorities. The communal version of history was taken up by the Muslim and Hindu communalists to suit their political agenda of opposing the political, social and economic changes which aimed at Liberty Equality and Fraternity. The communal forces spread hatred against the other community, the result being that the communal perceptions started being part of the social common sense, hatred for other community became the foundation on which the communal violence took place or was orchestrated. This in turn strengthened the communal forces in different areas, and increased the levels of misconception for the other community. This parallel and opposite process went on till the tragedy of Partition, which was the biggest act of communal politics, the outcome of British policy of divide and rule.

During British rule the communal violence was a communal riot. In this both Hindus and Muslims were pitched against each other in an inhuman way, regarding; perceiving as if they are doing something for their religion. The political agenda of retrograde forces wore the cloak of religion. While communal forces made merry, the innocents suffered and the police took a neutral stance. They were trying to balance out without taking any sides while controlling these acts of violence. This neutrality of police started changing after Independence, when gradually the communalization of section of police force started taking place and its overall neutrality started getting eroded by the day, to the extent that later a section of police started helping violence in a pro active way. And over a period of time, those who are supposed and are duty bound to protect the innocent citizens, became partisan. Shooting the minority community members and throwing them in canals (Meerut Malyana 1987), or burying them in the field and growing cabbage over them (Bhagalpur 1989) was painfully observed.

A whole Riot mechanism gradually came up in which the communal forces instigated, the so called secular forces looked on or subtly helped and the police took sides with majority community. At the same time the political leadership, bureaucracy, and police who are supposed to protect the innocent citizens, failed to do their assigned job and still got away without getting any punishment. This impunity gave a signal to them all that they can carry on with this game of marginalizing the minority community and reap the harvest of communal politics on the electoral arena.

This ghastly situation is taking a further turn for the worst. And now it seems the communal forces and the communal foot soldiers are having an easy time as sections of police force are blatantly communalized. Police not only has become the active player in the game, police is shamelessly providing a cover to those indulging in violence. This painful fact comes to surface in the recent violence in Dhule, 6 January 2013, where over 40 people from the minority were shot above knee, in abdomen chest, neck face and back, out of which six died, three had to undergo amputation and remaining ones are recuperating with serious injuries. The citizens inquiry committee which went to Dhule for fact finding was shocked out of its wits to find as to how the event which required a simple intervention from the police grew into the tragic incident. The mater was too trivial; the victim came to police chowkie to complain and with a request to intervene. Police constables on duty, apparently told the victim to go and settle the issue himself. The victim a Muslim auto rickshaw driver came with few more youth, the youth from other side also collected and stone throwing began. The clips, taken on video; show that the police acted as a cover for the Hindu mob which charged towards the Muslims. The police force also seemed to have begun to violate the police manual in letter and spirit. The mandatory loud speaker announcement, use of tear gas, lathi charge to be resorted before firing was done away with and a straight firing was resorted to. The police training says the firing should be to disperse the mob, begin with firing in the air and then below the knee. In Dhulia the police thought it is a redundant exercise, so the firing was a targeted one, above the knee, above the waist, in abdomen, chest, face, neck and back.

The victims who fell to the police bullet were left to be taken to hospital by friends and relatives. Police claims they were attacked seriously, acid was thrown on them. The civil hospital record shows that all the injuries suffered by police were minor. Some of them were admitted to hospital wards to show that they have been attacked seriously. No case of serious acid attack on the police, no case of serious injury, which requires hospitalization! The mob burns the houses; mostly those of Muslims, few Hindu households are also burnt. Police did not entertain any FIR of the victims. Next day morning the area is washed clean to wipe out some remaining evidence. Those wanting the FIRs to be filed were told that since they are themselves culprits of violence, filing FIR will go against them. A rumor was floated that combing operation will be done in Muslim areas. The victims in Hospitals take early discharge fearing that they will be charged as being the rioters in the violence.

The civic administration did not set up any relief camp for those whose houses are burnt. Ration was distributed knowing fully-well that those whose houses are burnt cannot cook as all cooking vessels and utensils are burnt. The political leadership, Chief Minster and co. is apathetic and it takes them 10 days before driving down a distance of few hours to assess the situation, to address the woes of victims and to announce the much needed compensation. The compensation announced is meager for reasons best known to the Chief Minster.

What trust the victims will have in such state machinery? A feeling of utter neglect and helplessness is prevailing amongst the victims. Some relief has been provided by the community organizations. That does not help the matters beyond a point.

The violence in Dhulia comes in the backdrop of violence in Akot, Raver and other places in the region, over a short span of time. There is an urgent need for better relief, setting up of Police-Civic society Mohalla committee, sensitization of police in communal matters and to counter the misconceptions widely prevalent about the minority community. Who will undertake all these? Can Government think out of the box and take initiative in this direction? Who will get justice to the victims? And will the Central Government muster courage to bring in the Communal Violence Prevention Bill, which was presented in National Integration council. The draft bill can be modified by standing committee before finalizing. This bill should at least ensure that the section of political leadership, bureaucracy and police will not be spared for their acts of commission and omission due to which violence occurs and keeps simmering.

The legitimacy of Indian democracy

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: The independence day of India is a black day for Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and other minorities in India. Out of the numerous examples of extremist acts, a few of them are listed below.

At present, all minorities in India – Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs – are threatened by the government and by the Shiv Sena, R.S.S.; BJP and the congress party, Hindu extremist groups supported by the government. As the Sikh Holy Shrine was destroyed under the rule of Indira Gandhi, the Holy Muslim shrine, the Babri Musjid, was destroyed under the leadership of the former home minister L.K. Advani.

There is no record of those who were killed during the attack, as no death certificates were issued. Dead bodies and those of the wounded were thrown into dirty refuge trucks and a mass cremation was held, of which the victims families had no knowledge of. Another example of the hostility minorities in India must face every day is that of Graham Stan, an Australian Christian missionary and his two children who were burnt alive in their car by Hindu extremists because they were not Hindu.

These Hindu extremists who were back by the Indian government, watched the burning car with joy and clapped as the car and its innocent occupants went up in flames. A more recent event that had shocked the Christian community in India was the headless body of Ude Barik, a Christian priest, was found in the village of Muni Gureu in the state of Orissa and hundreds churches were burnt down in Orissa and other parts of the country.

Even to this day; these types of ridiculous and senseless acts of violence are occurring, whether it be killings in police custody or rape of innocent women and girls, all under this corrupt Indian government. These examples of atrocities against the minority groups in India are just a few of many, however, they do provide us with substantiated proof that minorities are not safe in India.

Due to all the injustices that the minorities in India face, the United Front of Sikhs is committed to helping the Sikh people of India to establish their own state with peaceful resources. We ask for the Canadian government to step in and help eliminate the injustices facing Sikhs and all other minorities while still maintaining all the integrity and respect of the Canadian laws.

We make an appeal to the international community to take notice of the denial of human rights in India. We hope that with the help of the United Nations, Amnesty International, and Asia Watch, these tragedies will come to an end. In our attempt to help the minorities in India, we ask the Canadian government to stop all trade with India until the Indian government allows the United Nations, Amnesty International, and Asia Watch to freely enter India and investigate the human rights violations occurring throughout the country and set a date for referendum in Punjab and Kashmir.

India converting Muslim majority into minority in OSJK

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: In Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK), the APHC leader and Chairperson of Muslim Khawateen Markaz Jammu and Kashmir, Yasmeen Raja has said that India was working on a well-hatched conspiracy to convert the Muslim majority population into a minority in the territory.

Yasmeen Raja in a statement issued in Srinagar said that massacre of 1947 in Jammu and the spate of ongoing killing since 1990 across the length and breadth of the occupied territory was part of the Indian plan.

She described the discovery of unmarked graves in Kashmir as a great human tragedy and urged the United Nations to investigate the matter. She also called upon the World body to take notice of serious human rights violations including gang rape of women by Indian troops in the territory

The APHC leader denounced the Indian plan to award Permanent Residential Certificate to non-resident Kashmiris. Yasmeen Raja asked UN Secretary General, Ban-ki Moon to play his role in settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

New Fitna being Exported to Pakistan

By Brig. (Retd) Uman Khalid:

We all know about Hizb ul Tahrir (HuT). When its leader in the UK, Omar Bakri, became a destabilising nuisance, he was advised to disassociate himself with HuT and he set up another organisation under the title of Al-Muhjiroon. This was a successor of Al Takfir val Hijra commonly known as the Takfiri cult.

This cult styles itself on the most glorious chapter of Muslim History, the Hijra from Makkah to Medina which marks the beginning of the Muslim Calendar. Omar Bakri became very controversial among UK Muslims and was deported to his country Lebanon.

His place in the UK was taken by a Pakistani lawyer, Anjum Chuadhry. The high priest of the Takfiri cult is Aiman al Zawahiri (AAZ). All the trade names under which its affiliates Al-Qaeda, HuT, Muhajiroon, and Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan (TTP) operate bear allegiance to AAZ and propagate his views. All these cults have been banned in every Muslim country but they are flourishing in the UK. Why?

The main objectives and chief slogans of all these cults are Khilafa and Sharia Both are deeply embedded in the belief structure of all Muslims and no one can disagree with or disapprove of either. That came to the notice of anti-islam subversion factory in the West.

They put a new interpretation of both to demonise Islam. Their concept of Khalifa is modelled on the institution of the Pope in the Catholic Church with the difference that the Pope confines his edicts to ecumenical matters but the Muslim Khalifa Aiman al Zawahiri is held to be above the state whose edicts take precedence over the orders of the state.

This means ALL states whether the state is darus Salaam (where Muslim enjoy political as well as cultural sovereignty), or is Darul Aman (where Muslims do not enjoy political sovereignty but are unfettered in the practise of their faith), or is darul harb (where Muslims enjoy neither political sovereignty nor freedom to practise their faith).

The effect of AAZ edicts subscribed to by HT, al- Muhijroon or TTP etc- , is that ALL Muslims become outlaws in ALL states. Their interpretation of sharia is similarly designed to make every Muslim unemployable and criminal by necessity.

HuT, for example, preaches that the Muslim should not vote in elections and opt out of Secular- Western education. TTP version of sharia enjoins bombin schools (particularly girls schools) and blowing up TV/video and barber shops and killing infidels particularly the soldiers and police of Pakistan and employess of state institutions.

Now HuT. Muhajiroon and TTP are being re-launched in Pakistan under the title Sharia4Pakistan with actors trained in the UK.

Please see their conference flyer above and bring it to the notice of those responsible for counter-intelligence in your country.

Behind The Blind Goggles

Are Hindu Extremist groups emerging out of control or state “Aasheerbad” & agencies support is the right answer to the mass massacres ofIndian Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in so called secular society of India? The million Dollar question is replied by recently revealed ,a unique story of its kind—triangle comprising of Col Prohat, extremist character Srisanth (deeply connected to extremist groups of India involved in militancy)  and in love with him, wife of state transport minister; blasted to unveil many hidden facts of ruthless killings like Malegaon, modasa and Samjohta express tragedies in which 68people killed ,mostly Pakistanis who were travelling through India to meet their Muslim relatives and friends living peacefully in India.

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Maa Tujhe Salaam – Vande Matram Controversy to the fore again

Jamiat-Ulema-eHind on 2nd Nov 2009 passed a resolution asking Muslims not to recite Vande Mataram on the ground that some verses of the national song are against the tenets of Islam. Similar fatwa was also passed by Darul Ulum Deoband three years ago, when the controversy had begun afresh. Incidentally the same organizations have also passed the fatwa that violence, terrorism is against the concept of Islam.

Hell broke loose, with the fatwa on Vande Matram., The self appointed custodians of nationalism and section of media asserted that this fatwa is anti National. Some went onto assert that ‘Vande Matram Kahna Hoga’ (One will have to say Vande Matram). Earlier Shiv Sena in particular, had dictated that ‘Is Desh Mein Rahna hai to Vande Matram Kahna Hoga’ (If one has to live in this country they must say-sing Vande Matram. So on one extreme, Don’t Sing Vande Matram, on the other you will have to sing Vande Matram.

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Campaign against Pak Nukes

Barack Hussein Obama in June, 2009 while visiting Cairo revealed, I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.

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