Emergence of Communal Taliban

Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

The culmination of WW–II gave birth to cold war which led to USSR Invasion and her ultimate disintegration. The dissolution of Soviet Union produced Taliban and Al- Qaeda. It is worth mentioning here that former President Bush invited their top brass at White House and addressed them as war lords. But after the couple of years these conquerors converted themselves into worst enemies of Washington. Now the Question arises that why US has stopped supporting her comrades just after disintegration of USSR? Would it be taken as a move of her planned strategy of getting strong control over Asian region in the absence of Taliban and promoting India as regional power against China? Or Americans never wanted to have another pure Islamic Afghan state under the supervision of Taliban and indirectly safeguarding Iranian Interests in the region and keeping Saudi Arabia in limbo. Any how restricting myself on the topic, let’s evaluate that in a very short span of the time, how Talbinization was promoted and encircled around the complete world. Taliban appeared on the scene as a result of Al-Qaeda.

USA via CIA originally backed the Islamic guerrilla against the Marxist regime and Soviet occupation…

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