Why doesn’t Government establishes Writ in Karachi

By Saeed Qureshi

How many more dead bodies, the human draculas want to devour in Karachi? Why the government does not restore its write in troubled Karachi? The governments of both Sindh province and the federal are unconcerned spectators to see the bloodletting mayhem going on. The murderous mafias and monstrous gangs have divided Karachi into various zones and maintain their merciless sway on these.

Their operatives freely and daringly loot the banks, grab the land, occupy the houses, trade in narcotics and lethal drugs and force the business community to pay them the demanded sums of money. If they refuse they are kidnapped, tortured and killed.

The people of Karachi have been living through this nerve-shattering situation for a decade or so. The outlaws challenge the government law-enforcement agencies and kill the policemen and intelligence operatives with impunity. Many prominent social activists and public figures engaged in the service of the people have been eliminated. There is a hair-raising escalation in the bloody feuds in Karachi and there seems to be no let up in that savagery.

The latest gruesome murder is that of an academic, Professor Sibte Jaffar ostensibly for sectarian vendetta. The callous assassin refuse to acknowledge that the deceased professor besides being a Shia faithful, was also a human being and had a family to support. Prior to that grisly assassination, the Director of Orangi housing project and a highly dedicated social figure Perveen Rehman was gunned down. Are the sectarian mafias getting too strong as to wrest the control from the police and law enforcement agencies and kill anyone on their own bidding?

The government with its resources and a huge network of police, rangers and army has remained aloof and from its silence one would be tempted to infer that the power wielders and the political parties could also be behind this tattered social peace in Karachi. One of the strident reasons that would deter the people from voting for the PPP and its coalition partners is the governments utter failure to protect the lives of the citizens and save businesses of this country from killers and extortionists.

On daily basis headless or tortured corpses are found in various areas of Karachi. Businesses and industrial activity is grinding to a standstill as a result of the specter of horror let loose on Karachi by the heinous criminals stalking in the length and breadth of Karachi. There is no check on them and no conscious or planned operation has been launched to stem this macabre piling of dead bodies of the human beings.

Elections apart, the most pressing need is to stop the killer gangs and dangerous mafias from killing the people at free will or in mutual fight for controlling their delineated zones in Karachi. Is Karachi a city becoming like Beirut where similar horrendous environment was in vogue for years together? Even in Baghdad, where sectarian bad blood between Sunnis and Shias has been rife for ages, is no match to Karachis worsening spectacle. Karachi is not a war zone like Syrian cities yet life is equally unsafe in this city as in Kabul, Damascus and Aleppo.

Karachi is burning and the social and business life is turning into ashes due to the utter apathy and callous indifference of the authorities. Who else can bridle these raging orgies of human blood and an avalanche of civil war and from turning this largest city into a killing-field? I have no hope. Let us not wait for the elections as that would take a couple of months more and one can only shudder how many precious lives would be lost by that time.

Even elections cannot be held peacefully in such a dangerous and unstable environment as the rival parties could use the goons to either snatch votes, coerce the voters for the candidate of their choice. There could be shooting and gun battles and kidnapping of the voters on the polling stations. Such sinister happenings could jeopardize the pristine objective of fair and free elections.

The writer is a senior journalist and a former diplomat.


Hats off to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

By Ch. Sajjad Ahmad:

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that the policies of education tolerance and stability of the President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari are proven on right path after 5 years.

There is not doubt that, at least, this time Mr. Prime Minister has spoken the truth and delighted the nation with and only with the truth about the policies of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari on education, Tolerance and stability.

As far as education is concern, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had made sure that no office of the government, during his rule would be able to develop and deploy the educational policies of the country according to the wishes of Pakistan.

As per wishes of his foreign masters, who in return assured him the security and safety of his looted wealth in his foreign bank accounts, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari gave free hands to their educational experts to transform the nation’s educational system to support the liberal values and religion and national integrity had taken completely off the priority list.

Further consolidation has been done to this Ibleesee educational system by decentralising it. Under the rule of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, the government school systems are further destroyed and free play is allowed to private education systems, which are mostly foreign affiliated and specifically designed on class or ethnic bases, such as those under Agha Khan, Roots, Educators and Beacon House.

After such a hard work has been done by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, it was evident that these educational policies of his regime in Pakistan will see nothing but success.

Although, a minor (or major) blame could also be accepted by all of us who voted them and elected them to rule this country, established on the name of Islam, execute such a successful educational policy. Who cares if this educational policies of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari suite the moral, national, social or, most importantly, religious needs of the country or not. It was, and we should acknowledge it open heartedly, a successful educational policy, whether it was, or is, in favour of the nation or not. This is completely a separate debate, by the way.

On the second front, tolerance, Mr. Asif Ali Zardaris regime proven itself the best of all. And there is no doubt into it. It was his tolerance, actually a very high level of tolerance, which made it possible for him to complete his five-year tenure.

Even knowing the fact that Karachi is bleeding due to heavily armed political parties in the city, he tolerated. He tolerated till today and will keep tolerating them for as long as he is in office. He knew that one of his ally, MQM, is directly involved in various criminal and terrorist activities, but, for the sake of his “bacha” government in Sindh, he tolerated them.

He also knew that, including his own PPP, MQM and ANP not only involved in killings of each other’s workers (target killing) but they are also targeting other parties and groups, such as religious scholars. He must have been given a report by the concerned intelligence agencies on the daily basis. But he decided to tolerate and tolerated successfully.

He also knew that every single MPA in Balochistan is also a minister, which is becoming yet another reason of Pakistan bashing in the world and this is happening under his own “bacha” government in Balochistan. He decided to tolerate that too and we all know, he succeeded there too.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari also tolerated ANP in Sarhad province and pleased them with name change, which was actually a step further for the followers and preachers of Ghaffar khan.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari also tolerated death and destruction in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK), where more than 7,00,000 Indian army men are given free hand to destroy any house, kill any Kashmiri and rape any of their sisters and daughters.

It is the fruit of his tolerance that today Pakistan is giving business to the same Hindu chankyas, who are killing our brothers and raping our sisters in OSJK.

Therefore, his tolerance will be remembered as long as the humanity exists.

Now comes the matter of stability. Well, if you thinking about the national stability, you are wrong. He never dared to care that. It is about the stability of his own polity and then stability of his growing financial wealth.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari knew that educated and peaceful Pakistani nation will never be helpful for his vested interests. Therefore, in order to secure his polity and to avail future opportunities of looting more national wealth to further stabilise his finances, he ruined our education system and provided full access to liberal fascists to destroy every fabric of Islami society in Pakistan.

He further strengthened armed political parties like MQM and ANP, including his own PPP, worked fully against the national interests and tried his best to malign the guardians of geographical and ideological boundaries of Pakistan.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari also tolerated of harbouring Pakistani criminals and terrorists by its enemies like India, Israel and USA in Afghanistan, Europe and America. All these factors have played key role in his stability and in the stability of his looted wealth in western countries.

Hats off to him.

Ch. Sajjad Ahmad is the Chairman of One Nation Development Forum. He could be reached at: sajjad_pak.

Putting Karachi on fire

By Sajjad Shaukat

Protests and demonstrations by the Shia community enveloped almost all the country in reaction to the deadly twin blasts which killed more than 50 people, and damaged various buildings on March 3, this year in the Shia-dominated Abbas Town of Karachi. Next day, Sohrab Goth area of Karachi turned into battlefield with heavy exchange of fire after the four mourners of the burial procession were killed, while several people including four personnel of the Rangers were injured, and at least 10 vehicles were set on fire in wake of complete shutter down strike in the city, plunging it into total chaos. In this regard, on the appeal of Muhttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), shutdown strikes and protests were again held in Karachi and some other cities of the Sindh province on March 6.

There has been no claim of responsibility. But suspicion falls on banned Sunni extremist organisation Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) which has claimed major attacks on Shias in Quetta, particularly of February 17, which killed more than 100 persons of the Hazara Shias on the Kirani Road.

In this respect, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, while stating in the National Assembly on March 5 that four activists of the LeJ, involved in Karachis Abbas Town bomb blasts have been arrested, assured the Assembly that he would present a fact sheet that apart from the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TPP) some other outfits like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are also involved in recent terrorist activities, while LeJ is openly holding its meetings in Punjab. Earlier, he disclosed that Punjabi Taliban of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi which had its headquarters in Punjab were behind the terror attacks in Karachis Abbas Town and Quettas Alamdar Road and Kirani Road. He elaborated that the Punjab governments ruling party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was in an electoral alliance with the banned organisation. Therefore it has taken no action against the militant group. Former Governor, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Barrister Masood Kausar expressed similar thoughts on March 5. Notably, in the 2010, Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer (The Late) revealed that Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has links with Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Although various sorts of subversive activities continue in different cities of Pakistan, yet Karachi needs special attention where sporadic terror-acts such as target killings, suicide attacks, hostage-takings, intense exchange of firing between two ethnic groups and workers of political parties in wake of setting buildings, shops, vehicles on fire and sectarian violence have kept on going since the last year, killing more than 2,200 people including several personnel of Police and Rangers.

In the end of April, 2012 in the areas of Lyari more than 20 people including police men have lost their lives as the gun-battle between police and gangsters continued for eight days. The criminal militants had been using heavy-weapons like rocket-launchers, hand grenades, machine guns. Besides these arms, police also discovered anti-aircraft guns from some places. In this context, Rehman Malik had disclosed, There is someone behind the scene who is providing modern weaponry to culprits in Lyari, and militants, belonging to the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Baloch Liberation Army were creating disturbance in Lyari. He told the National Assembly on February 2, 2012 that the aggravated situation in Karachi was the result of a well-planned conspiracy. He also revealed links among these militant outfits in carrying out joint terrorist activities, while the former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had also indicated foreign hands behind the Karachi unrest.

However, in 2012 besides other innocent people, leaders and members of the Pakistan PPP, MQM and ANP were murdered in the target killings, while dead bodies were also recovered from various places. In February, 2012 three Shia lawyers, two activists of the Sunni Tehreek (ST) and a doctor including Baluch MPA Nawabzada Bakhtiar Khan Domkis wife were brutally killed in separate assaults. Especially, the year of 2012 shows that the foreign-backed terrorists who had gone underground for some months due to the collective operation of Rangers and Police reappeared in Karachi.

The wave of various kinds of terrorism continues unabated in Karachi in 2013. Recently, sectarian violence erupted in different areas, killing more than 30 people after a terror assault on a leader of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and the killing of four men of the group believed to be the Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan.

It is notable that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have claimed responsibility for a number of terror-related incidents.

In April 4, 2012, leaders of the three coalition parties, PPP, MQM and ANP attended a joint meeting hosted by Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad, and they ensured indiscriminate action against miscreants in Karachi. While heads of these parties have repeatedly appealed for peace in the city, so question arises, who are putting Karachi on fire?

In this context, in 2011 when terrorists took the lives of more than 1500 people in Karachi, the city was handed over to the Rangers and Police whose personnel conducted search operations in various phases, and seised weapons, suicide jackets, explosives and hand grenades from fugitives custody. A number of insurgents along with huge cache of arms and ammunition, made of US, India and Israel had been caught.

In this connection, on July 18, 2011, Rehman Malik, while indicating foreign hands in Karachi, had openly stated, Over 200 miscreants have been arrestedIsraeli-made weapons including AK-45 rifles have been recovered from them. Police investigations have also proved that the culprits, who disturbed law and order situation in Karachi, were not permanent residents of the city. In the recent months, weapons of foreign origin were captured, and insurgents belonging to TTP were also arrested.

Nevertheless, we cannot see the civil-war like situation in Karachi in isolation as it is part of various subversive acts, being arranged by secret agencies like American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad in other regions of the country. These agencies are in connivance to destabilise Pakistan for their common strategic interests.
These intelligence agencies have recruited smugglers, criminals, employees of the security companies, experts of the psychological warfare, and journalists in order to fulfill anti-Pakistan designs of America, India and Israel. A majority of the insurgents who are committing terror-acts especially in Karachi are receiving training in terrorist camps located in India and Afghanistan.

As regards Karachi, due to political instability, poverty and unemploymentthe jobless youth fall into the hands of criminals who are assisted by the external elements which use them for conducting targeted killings and other violent activities. These internal culprits, some Indian Muslims and insurgents who are particularly backed by RAW have joined the ranks and files of the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, the Tehreek-e-Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba and other militant groups. They have also got the membership of MQM, ANP and PPP. Besides killing the leaders and persons of the rival religious parties, and attaking the offices of the opponent political parties, these are real miscreants who target the Pushtuns, Urdu-speaking people and even the people, belonging to the interior Sindh. In fact, CIA, Mossad and RAW have succeded in creating and manipulating the ethnic, linguistic and sectarian divisions in Karachi through their paid-agents, while leaders of ANP, MQM and other religious sects accuse each other for murdering the people of their-related communities.

In the past few years, aside from gang warfare, criminal acts, violent rioting and target killings, Karachi has witnessed a steady increase with some high profile deaths. Each murder sees a retaliatory attack. The situation has so deteriorated that leaders of some major political parties requested to Pak Army for intervention to save the lives of people.

Notably, Karachi is Pakistans largest port and financial hub with the largest commercial markets, collecting 70 per cent of the countrys tax revenue. So, besides causing unrest in the city, creating instability in Pakistan, another aim of the foreign hands is to cripple the economy of the city as Karachi is intermittently brought to a halt with shutdown strikesmany shopkeepers remain reluctant to open their shops due to violence which is fuelling the flames.

At present, aggravated law and order situation demands a programme of de-weaponisation and detection of foreign-backed terrorists which is essential to curb violence in Karachi. Now, security forces are coping with sporadic battles with the militants in some tribal areas, while our external enemies which are putting Karachi on fire also seeks to engage Pak Army in the city.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations.

Pakistan Steal Mills expecting a new revival in business

Karachi, MTT News Desk: Continuous arrival of raw material in PSM started the revival plan of PSM. Coal and iron ore ships created a improved stock position of PSM raw materials. This resulted a good increase in production activity of PSM as it crossed 30% production and all praise to Allah(SWT)yesterday 28th Feb 2013 PSM achieved production at 37.7%.

PSM workers and staff all are working hard for the betterment and revival of the great national asset, Pakistan Steel Mills under the courageous and visionary leadership of Chief Executive Officer Major General Mohammad Javed HI-M(retd).

PSM management trying to reach at 60% production level in few months if the required facilities will be provided timely .PSM ensures to become a profitable entity by the grace of Allah(SWT) within a few months.

PSM management specially thanked Govt of Pakistan specially Ministries of Production, Finance, related organizations and forums for their sincere co operative role in the revival of PSM.PSM assures to fulfill the hopes of nation and become a rising example in our country.

On the start of the PSM revival the CEO and Management congratulates to all its 17000 employees whose patience, wishes and prayers came true and the most awaited day started.

National Boxing Camp to start from Sunday

Karachi, MTT News Desk: National Boxing camp will be start from 20th January 2013 at Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) complex Islamabad, Pakistan Boxing Federation Secretary Muhammad Akram Khan announced here on Friday in a press release.

National Fighters will begin there preparation for upcoming SAF Games, Asian Games, ASBC championship, AIBA world boxing championship and other some International important event.

Secretary General PBF arranged this camp after the prior approval of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), 21 boxers are invited to attend the national camp from all affiliated units.

Boxers are

49kg, Muhib Bacha (Police) and Dawood Ali (Pak Navy)

52kg, Muhammad Waseem (Wapda), Syed M. Asif (Railway), Syed Israr (HEC)

56kg, Naimat Ullah (PAF), Atta Ullah (Police), Abdul Rehman (Punjab)

60kg, Qadir Khan ( Pak Navy), Syed M. hussain (HEC), Nawaz Dawood (Pak Army), Arshad (Sindh)

64kg, Mir Balach (Sindh), Adnan Hassan (PAF),

69kg, Tanvir Ahmed (Pak Navy), Amir Khan (Wapda), Zulqarnain Abbas (Pak Army)

75kg, Dur Muhammad (Pak Navy), Mirza Azam (PAF)

81kg, Asmat Ullah (Balochistan)

91kg, Naimat Ullah (Balochistan), Riaz Ali (Pak Army)

91+kg, Waqar Ali (Pak Army)

All boxers advised to report at the venue on 20th January 2013 to followed coaches, Abdul Majeed Brohi (Railway), Ramzan Ali (Wapda) and Nisar Khan (Pak Army).

Secretary of Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) Akram Khan hoped that boxing on track now in the country and we are working hard to get success on international level.

Altaf Hussain in Trouble

By Saeed Qureshi

MQMs chief custodian and uncrowned king Altaf Hussain, of late, appears to have landed in a deep trouble. He is presumably faced with a double jeopardy. He has come under suspicion of his connection with Dr. Imran Farooqs murder. Secondly he has picked up a row with the Supreme Court of Pakistan on delimitation of constituencies.

The investigation of Dr. Imran Farooq has, of late, assumed new twists and turns. The London Metropolitan Police has stepped up the investigation about the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq, a former colleague and friend of Altaf Hussain.

Imran Farooq a one-time celebrity and leading light of MQM was murdered in mysterious circumstances on September 16, 2010, outside his home at Green Lane, Edgeware in North London. Dr Imran Farooq had co-founded the All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization (APMSO), and also had been the deputy convener of the party.

It was after almost a lull of two years, that the Metropolitan Police, in connection with Dr. Imrans murder, raided the business office of Altaf Hussain in Edgeware and conducted comprehensive search for two days. The intensive search was the follow up action of the various pieces of vital evidence and important tips that the London police was able to collect since 2010.

It was also reported that although several persons were interrogated yet no arrests were made. British High Commissioner in Pakistan Adam Thomson also confirmed in a statement that Dr. Imran Farooq was a British national and their police was investigating a murder of its citizen. The second jeopardy came as a backlash of his stunning remarks directed at the Supreme Court in which he argued that that delimitation of electoral constituencies was not the job of the courts, and it would not help the cause of peace.

He obliquely warned that those who were trying to hatch conspiracies against the MQM would be eliminated.In response to his threatening outburst, the Supreme Court retaliated by issuing a contempt of court notice to him with orders to appear in the court and explain his point of view. Understandably he cannot come to Pakistan and thus there might be more retaliation from the Supreme Court.

It has been observed in various media columns that he stands a frightening chance of losing his residency in England due to his stinging remarks about the supreme court of Pakistan. A senior Pakistan-born and England- based lawyer Sibgatullah Qadri stated that if a foreign court convicts a British citizen against contempt charges, the British government can terminate the citizenship rights of such individual. He asserted that in Britain the contempt of court is considered as serious a crime as murder and is not taken lightly.

Altaf Hussain sneaked out of Pakistan one month before the launching of the Operation Clean-up (June 19, 1992 to August 14, 1994). His flight from Pakistan also was the result of an attempt on his life on 21 December 1991 that was the third of its kind. He was given political asylum by the British government and is staying there since then.

Altaf Hussain founded All Pakistan Muhajir Student OrganizationAPMSO in June 1978 that was later renamed as Muhajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) in March 1984. It was finally renamed as Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in June 1997.

Altaf Hussain with a mercurial and audacious temperament has been issuing statements that cut across the two nation ideology thus denunciating the creation of Pakistan. In one such statement he is recorded to have said that,

Division of the subcontinent was the biggest blunder in the history of mankind and Nehru and Abdul Kalam Azad are responsible for it because they rejected that grouping formula and greater autonomy for Muslim majority province of India. If they accepted it then Jinnah would have never demanded separate Pakistan and Jinnah was ready for co-exist within India.

Altaf Hussain was having 3576 cases for various charges against him. But all the cases were dropped under the National Reconciliation Ordinance issued by the former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, on 5 October 2007.

The writer is a senior journalist and a former diplomat.

Pakistan Steel: 55K Coal reached PS

Karachi, MTT News Desk: Pakistan Steel spokesman said that a ship carrying 55,000 metric tons of coal for Pakistan Steel reached Port Qasim Pakistan Steel Jetty after a long journey from Australia.

The unloading of coal has been started through the 4.2 Km conveyer belt from Port Qasim Jetty to Pakistan Steel raw material stockyard.

He said that Government is taking keen interest for the revival of PS and the procurement of raw materials from the bailout package is successfully started by PS management.

He added that the shortage of raw materials is the major cause of all problems currently facing by PS and management is fully exercising to solve this problem, as once the supply chain of raw materials is started then all problems will be solved.

This coal was purchased from an Australian company through a long term contract with Pakistan Steel.

Regarding iron ore availability PS spokesman said that, PS management achieved great success in iron making process during the shortage of imported iron ore with the utilization of local iron ore.

PS spokesman said that about 0.1 Million Tonns of local ironore from Balochistan has been utilized by PS in this financial year.

On the other hand two contracts of imported iron ore are finalized and about 30000 metric Tonns of iron ore will reach PS in next 20 days.

He added that, many tenders for procurement of iron ore are under process, after completion of all legal paper work process two contracts of more than 100000 Metric tons of imported iron ore will be finalized.

Karachi situation: In search of Solutions

By Muhammad Shahbaz Thuthaal:

IG Sindh submitted before the supreme last week that over 254 police officers and men ,who took part in 1992 operation had been target killed during the period 2004-2009.Neither the previous government nor the present PPP government ever took notice. IG Sindh failed to mention, what the Sindh police had done for the welfare of their families. No action has been taken by the Sindh police or the intelligence Agencies since 2009 to trace out the murderers of these 254/ 282 policemen. The families of these policemen are running from pillar to post to seek justice. The morale of the police is adversely affected. The whole force is reluctant to take any action against the criminals, with the result the whole burden has been placed on the Rangers. The police force recruited on ethnical basis cannot take action on merit. This has resulted in the Criminals going scot free from the courts due to lack of evidence. No action has been taken to date by the Federal or Provincial government since 2008 to investigate and trace the criminals responsible for the murder of over 50 men killed on 12 may 2007. CJP was kept stranded at the Karachi Airport 12 May 2007. No action has been even initiated on the cold blooded murder of the Lawyers burnt to death in Karachi few days later. The CJP has also not taken any Suo Motto action to provide justice to the families of the affected people. This is a very serious Matter, if the governments cannot provide justice to the members of their own force, who will next take orders from the government for any other operation against the criminals/terrorists. Those who were arrested for torturing Major Kaleem during 1991/92 were released on Bail. The case against them was also withdrawn by the government in 2004. The new amendment to local government in Sindh has further increased the Rural Urban divide.

Late Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenju’s autobiography is named as “In search Of Solutions”. Late Mr. G B Bizenju advocated working for solutions to the problems facing Pakistan. His last major public event before his death was his speech to all Parties Conference convened by Mr. MK Juneju on Afghanistan 4-5 March 1988. It was an excellent speech I shall only quote the last two Sentences quote So sign the Geneva agreement and send back the Afghan Refugees whose presence has imposed on the people of Pakistan a wholesale martial law for the last eight years. For God’s Sake, do not obstruct the withdrawal of the soviet troops and the return of Afghan refugees. It would be suicidal for Pakistan.” How prophetic were his words. No wonder Zia Ul Haq Dismissed his own handpicked non Party Parliament and the Juneju Government within the next two months.

Gen ZIA UL HAQ laid the foundations of Islamic militancy in Pakistan. Instead of encouraging political parties to educate and organize the parties on pro Pakistan Agenda and manifesto they were encouraged to pursue their programs on ethnic and religious based sects. This resulted into growth of ethnic and religious parties. The government machinery was used to destroy popular all Pakistan based Parties. Parties based on ethnic and religious affiliations were encouraged by the Government. All out efforts have been made to divide Sindh into Rural/Urban areas to benefit a particular community (2001-2012). Instead of devolution, all five Districts of Karachi were amalgamated into one big Mega city of over 20 million, whereas Hyderabad with the population of 2.5 million was cut into four districts. The new City Government was given full support to do what they liked. The revenue department now placed under the City District Government was misused by the land mafia to occupy the government lands including some of the adjoining Sindhi Goths. The locals, who had settled ever since the creation of Pakistan and in some cases for hundreds of years, were ousted. Criminal minded land Mafias / Qabza groups took control. They further increased their activities to drugs and kidnapping for Ransom. The police and other departments recruited persons on ethnic basis instead of solving the problem have become part of the problem. Karachi has been built by the hard working Punjabi/ Pashtun/Baloch Laborers. Pashtun Chowkidars and Drivers protected the Families of the rich like their own families. The peaceful Karachi first time faced the ethnic riots in 1972 on language riots. This has gradually led to the present crisis. All parties/communities have now formed their militant wings, which control their respective areas. The police recruited on ethnic basis and after the massacre of over 254/282 policemen have become ineffective.

After 2008 elections, ANP came to power both at the Centre as well as in KP. In Sindh ANP is also sharing power in Sindh. PPP leadership at the highest level has accepted the MQM to remain in control of Karachi and other three cities, which perhaps was part of the NRO. Local leadership of both PPP and ANP do not want to surrender to the rule of MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad, resulting into an open war between MQM, Pashtuns, and PPP is silent supporter. The threatening notes by some organization to Sindhi ministers to go back to their Goths in interior Sindh needs to be viewed as a conspiracy to keep the various ethnic groups fighting each other. The Government agencies are silent spectators. The worst scenario is that the militant wings of the parties are now becoming independent of their mother parties/groups.

SOLUTION. The solution to the Karachi problem is an honest holistic approach based on merit.

JUSTICE. Unless the people responsible for 12 May 2007 and the murder of that Saint Hakim Saeed are punished it will not solve the Problem. Trial of those who target killed 254/282 policemen in 2003-2009.

LIVE AND LET LIVE policy. ALTAF BHAI must take the lead and accept all those living Karachi to be given space in Karachi. MQM must remember that it was the people of Sindh, who accepted them with open Arms in 1947. MQM therefore cannot be given the sole ownership of Karachi. Urdu Speaking are in all other Parties specially JI, JUP, PML and PPP. The sacrifices made by the people of Sindh have been ignored by those in power since 1947. Why Sindh language as medium of instruction was removed from all the schools of Karachi. Why the capital of Sindh province was shifted from Karachi to Hyderabad in 1949/50 and later it became the capital again in 1969, on re-creation of Sindh province.

Unfortunately the tradition to call any one, who disagrees with the government of the day, as traitor must be curbed. Why Ayub Khoro was dismissed as CM? Why national leaders, who worked day and night for creation of Pakistan like GM SYED, Nawab Iftikhar Mamdot, HS SUHRAWARDY and AK Fazal Haq of East Bengal declared as traitors.

Sindh Quarterly, DR Hamida Khoro and late Ghulam Mustafa shah brought many historical facts to light about the early years of our independence.

Business Community special those, who are active members of MQM, should take notice and try to bring peace in Karachi by interacting with other ethnic groups. All have to live in Karachi; space must be created for all, otherwise, all will perish fighting each other. The Pashtuns, Baloch and Sindhis of lyiari and Smaller Goths around Karachi will have no choice but fight it out till death.

CIA/RAW are only interested in unrest in Karachi, in order to destabilize, the Hub of Pakistan’s Economy.

Karachi city should be divided into pre 1999 five districts with greater powers to the districts. However two central districts should be formed into Metropolitan Corporations of Karachi. The remaining three districts should be declared as rural districts. Revenue department should be reverted to the provincial government.

Nadra and Election Commission of Pakistan should be directed to give Identity Documents to all living in Karachi, irrespective of any ethnic bias.

Federal Government Agencies should recruit people of all ethnic groups based on their population in Karachi.

Urdu and Sindhi should be adopted as official languages of Sindh province.

Most Important; If no action is taken now , a time is coming soon ,when the terrorists will become so strong that they will divide Karachi into their own areas of operations like that of Criminal Mafias it may turn into another Beirut. Almighty Allah will sooner than later bring the culprits to justice.

If action has been taken on the Humood Ur Rahman commission and those responsible for the 1971 debacle had been punished, Pakistan would have been a much better country today. The Supreme Court can even now establish a Commission to fix responsibility and recommend action on Humood Ur Rahman commission and all extra judicial actions/killings done since then.

Change we can believe in

By Hammad Mahmood:

In 2012 1800 people killed in Karachi these casualities are more than people killed in Afganistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Kashmir, Palestian and any part of the world this is the biggest security collapse and there is no form of law and order in Karachi. After the Mumbai attack former chief minister of Maharashtra resigned due to security collapsed this is the example of sense of responsability but there is no sense of responsability in Pakistani politican,s after the biggest security collapsed of security forces in 2012 1800 innocent people lost there life President, Prime minister, Chief minister and interior minister must have to resigned.

According to statistics compiled by HRCP 1,257 people were killed in six months of 2012, 972 target killings, 72 percent of the total killings, On sectarian, Personal enmities, Bomb blasts, Lyari gang war. As compare to the first six months of 2011, The figure was 1,138.

Total of 972 people were target killing of them 135 gunned down were political activists, 27 shot dead in sectarian, 84 in Lyari gang war, 16 abducted , 2 burnt to death, 42 killed, 87 killed due to enmity, 39 dead bodies foud, Seven security guards killed on duty, Four died in prisons, 366 people with no political affilition. Business man and industrialists are moving there business and capital to different country,s specially Bangladesh due to growing market which effects our economy badly and increasing unemployement.

This is the biggest Human Rights violation in 2012 and effects Pakistan,s name on international plat form government must realize his role make sure the improvement in law and order situation.

In an other incident at Karachi garment factory 289 innocent people lost there life due to no access to save the life, No emergency exit with doors blocked unsafe chemical in the rickety building made the smoke even more toxic Pakistan is a signatory to the International Labour Organisations Labour Inspection Convention, Which commits the government to ensuring that workers are fully informed about their legal rights.

So laws defending workers rights do exist. But they are rendered redundant by a total failure of implementation. An executive order issued under the Punjab Industrial Policy 2003 abolished labour inspections, With the aim of “developing an industry and business friendly environment”. To attract fresh investement.

The ban orginated in Punjab(home to Lahore) and sindh(Karachi is situated) appears to leave followed. It was implemented under pressure from wealthy indudtialists. Rescue failure to save innocent people and no proper equipment they have for fire brigade Sindh government is again not reacting according to their job.

In other recent incident at Karachi State Life building fire a young man hanging seven minutes on the window to save his life but no rescue do we live in a stone age no government is doing their job and no value of human life in our country.

On the other side in Punjab story is not different 150 people died in Lahore hospital due to the procedure of the making of medficine is not properly monitored and Punjab government is not taking any step against the pharmasutical company. In an other incident 150 people reached different hospitals of Lahore after reaction from medicines from PIC.

In recent incident at Rwalpindi hospital a rat attacked a new born child and again no action has been taken by Punjab government is that justice chief minister of Punjab is holding 18 ministry,s how can he do justice do we are living in democracy or in dictatorship on the name of democracy the health facilities are given to people in Punjab is not on the standard according to WHO this is again Human Rights Violation.

Daily corruption of Rs. 7billion annual volume of Rs 2,520 trillion . 12,600 billion rupees has been reported in different sectors of Pakistan during the last five years this is the democracy we struggle for. Last five years are the worst in Pakistan,s history dept is more than 60 years corruption by former prime minister and his sons ,different Mnas, Mpas.

One visit of former prime minister to uk included 92 people cost us 10 crore is this not burden on our country . The government of ppp have no forgein policy drone attacks are lot more than Musharraf,s government which killed innocent people and destroys our infrastructure, More missing persons, Due to power shortage industrial sector is moving to Bangladesh which increases our unemployement rate and thats the main reason of increase of extremism in our society and our goverment is not taking seroiusly.

Private sector is not coming due to poor law and order situation of this government in Musharraf,s government private sector was investing in telecommunication and real estate sector our youth was getting jobs but the story is different no jobs for youth. Un rest in society is growing which is the cause of drugs consumption in youth is increasing and suicide ratio is increasing . We must have to change this scenario with our vote in next elections to elect honest people is very important for our country to re establish our industrial sector to create jobs thats the change we can believe in.

Pakistan Steel to provide quality meal to its employees

Karachi, MTT News Desk: Pakistan Steel management takes over charge of its canteens to provide a better quality meal to its employees.

Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Steel Major Gen.Muhammad Javed HI-M(Retd) gave special directives to provide a better quantity and a best quality meal to Pakistan Steel employees during their duty hours.

Following the directives Pakistan Steel management took over the charge of all of its 20 canteens spread up to Pakistan Steel Plant Area, Headoffice, steel Town, Jetty to Makli, Gharo & Jhampir stations.

This step has been taken to maintain supply of fresh and healthy food /meal with proper quantity, maintaining more hygenic environment in canteens, running of canteens in a transparent way and saving of cost.

Pakistan Steel management ensured its employees that there will be no compromise on food quality, only branded, A Class, fresh ingredients oil/ghee, spices, Flour, rice, meat and vegetables are used in making food.

A special purchase committee of Pakistan Steel officials has been constituted who will responsible to ensure the transparent and quality purchase of all materials.

A token system has been introduced according to which each meal cost Rs 15/- and tea token cost Rs5/-, tokens are available from canteens and also from concerned departments.

A person from each department is also nominated as canteen co-ordinator to solve all types of queries and complaints regarding canteen arrangements and meal.

Pakistan Steel management also comprised a central food and hygienic Committee working under a senior official who is responsible for checking the canteen environment, service, cooking recipes, food quality.

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