Indian Democracy and Caste System

Indians usually boast around as the bearers of democratic norms and holders of civilian rule through regular holding of elections and observing rituals essentially required by an egalitarian state. The arrangements appear to be going well with the hegemonic designs of elite class or upper caste Hindus yearning to remain in power by clever use of majority vote in India. The “Shining India” slogan jingled through media campaigns and other costly Public Service Announcements (PSAs) also raise speculations about the ground realities in India where discrimination of low caste Hindus and non-Hindu communities is the common practice.

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Dancing at the Crossroads

Intolerance becoming naked in so called Secular India

Shiv Sina one of the many Hindu extremist groups is active these days on the roads of those cities of India where not only fashion elites but powerful representatives of all segments of society are residing. Media has reported activities of extremist group followers very clearly showing the growingintolerance & actual face of so called secular society of India.

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