Dalit Issues & Upcoming Census in Pakistan

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12th June, 2009 – Hyderabad Press Club

A one day consultation “Census and its implication on Scheduled castes” was organized by Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network (PDSN- an alliance of organizations and professionals/individuals working against discrimination based on religion or race) on 12th June, 2009 at Press Club…

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Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Amjed Jaaved

Mother and her son Roshan, a graduateElections are in progress in India, portrayed as “the world’s largest democracy” by the West. Western notion of democracy (Westminster model) is that it is government of the people (masses, not classes), for the people and by the people.

India has signed an agreement with the USA to become ‘great’. Now, it could hobnob with members of the nuclear club as an equal. What constitutes “greatness”? The Indian democracy exists in name only, not in substance.

Advantages in military power, economic output, share in world trade, size of population, membership of the United Nation’s Security Council, or what? Till 1997…

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Blood that clots on Indian Road, Dream (Sapana ) has no value here ! Thanks to Gender & Caste Virus





























A 45 year old Dalit Women

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