Mounting paranoia of our adversaries on self-imagined threats

USA, India, Israel and Britain are suffering from paranoia. The US strongly feels that Al-Qaeda led by Osama, allegedly based in FATA is contemplating another 9/11 like attack on its homeland. India is also thinking on same lines. It fears another 26/11 like attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) singly or aided by Al-Qaeda using Pakistan soil. Israel fears that Pakistan may not pass on nukes to any of its neighbour. UK feels that most acts of terror in Britain emanate from Pakistan. Their fears are based entirely on conjectures and flights of imagination with ulterior motives against Pakistan since so far they haven’t come out with any proof to substantiate their claims. Robert Gates has now admitted that US intelligence agencies are clueless about whereabouts of Osama. Threat of Al-Qaeda and LeT allegedly based in Pakistan are being used as sticks to keep Pakistan under pressure and to force it to do more. The world is also being conditioned about the possibility of perceived attacks so that when the drama is finally enacted at an opportune time, the world accepts their version and hold Pakistan responsible. Both have already made several contingency plans how to play up another fabricated show which should appear convincing and free of glaring loopholes of 9/11 and 26/11.

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Allegory about Afghan Shura and Al-Qaeda in Pakistan

Like the myth of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda headquartered in FATA which I discussed in my previous write up, another absurd claim has been made that Mullah Omar along with his Shura is based in Quetta. This story woven by spin doctors has caught the imagination of policy makers in Washington and they are playing it impishly. Pakistani leaders already harassed by never ending allegations are at a loss how to respond to the latest assault since denials make no impression on the accusers. After repeating the story several times, US officials laid bare their actual motive by mentioning their flaming desire to employ the horrible drones in Balochistan including its capital as well. Let us carryout a dispassionate appraisal of this claim. It is now a well known reality that Afghan Taliban hold control of nearly 80% Afghan Territory and wield complete sway in southern, eastern and to some extent western Afghanistan. These regions provide them a secured base to operate into western, central and northern Afghanistan and return back. Had their hold over southern and eastern Afghanistan been weak, it was logical to assume that they might have made FATA or Pashtun belt of Balochistan adjacent to Helmand Province as their bases of operation. Now that over 30000 troops of Pakistan Army have taken full control of South Waziristan and division plus force is in North Waziristan, part of which is in Makeen area, any possibility of Afghan Taliban operating from these regions is ruled out. Same is applicable to Al-Qaeda. The only possible space which still requires further scanning is the countryside west of Ladha and Makeen towards Afghanistan border. Using boots on ground strategy, our troops are gradually clearing these areas as well.

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Whereabouts of Osama Detected

So far Osama bin Laden has continously been used by the US and some western countries as a scapegoat to malign Pakistan which is their target for ‘de-nuclearisation’. Sometimes, bogey of Bin Laden is raised by their rulers to achieve their goals of external policy, and sometimes to pacify their public including the opposition. In this regard, in its latest report, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee admitted that in December 2001 Osama bin Laden was within the reach of US troops in Tora Bora when American military leaders did not pursue him, and opened the door for his escape to Pakistan. In fact, the main aim of the report, after eight years was to get favour for President Obama’s decision who has recently announced an increase of additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan in wake of severe domestic pressure.

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Pakistan is a target and not a US ally

Either Obama Administration is totally confused or is inept or is purposely behaving wickedly. What is certain is that it is not behaving straight and with honesty of purpose? Lot of hopes were pinned on Obama in the Muslim world that he will undo the wrongs inflicted upon the Muslims by Bush led draconian regime. Instead of getting rid of highly unpopular war in Afghanistan Obama inherited from Bush, he has got tied to it. As against overwhelming support Bush received from Americans to invade and occupy Afghanistan, Obama is confronted with divided opinion. Majority seeks end to war and withdrawal of US troops while shrinking minority want continuation of futile war and are in favour of sending more troops into the inferno of Afghanistan till the accomplishment of unachievable objectives.

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Contrasting responses to catastrophes

Tens of 9/11 in USA, 12/12 in New Delhi and 26/11 in Mumbai, and 7/7 in London have taken place in Pakistan during the last five years. Devastating terrorist and suicide attacks killing scores of people and destroying property worth billions have occurred in major cities. Balochistan, FATA, NWFP, Malakand Division including Swat are engulfed in flames of terrorism while Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar have faced the maximum brunt. From October onwards, there was hardly a day when Peshawar was not struck by terrorists. These attacks have been undertaken by dissident Pakistanis duly cultivated by foreign agencies to serve their ulterior motives. Unlike the paralytic and revengeful responses of USA, India and Britain, Pakistan response to never ending catastrophes has been cool and composed. Pakistanis have and still are weathering the onslaught bravely. While the terrorists working upon foreign agenda wrought havoc on innocent people mercilessly and ceaselessly in their mad drive to scare the people, weaken the resolve of federal and provincial governments and to force them to stop military operation in South Waziristan, the people and the administrators are displaying extraordinary grit and resolve to beat the designs of anti-Pakistan elements. Knowing full well that RAW helped by other agencies stationed in Kabul are fully behind acts of terror and are working on a set piece agenda to harm Pakistan, both the government and the people have neither got frightened nor have they lost their sense of composure and balance. They have refrained from hurling wild accusations. An odd muffled protest is casually made when the pain becomes unbearable. The media has not created any hype to stir emotions of the people or raise a war cry.

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Manmohan Singh visits USA

USA is losing its War on Terror in Afghanistan; now it is the talk of the town that. Different analysts are suggesting to the US authorities to think of the ways of getting out of the blazing hell of Afghanistan. It is also in the air that the Taliban would never let the Americans go out of their land alive. They want American pouring out their resources aimlessly into the unfathomable sea ofAfghanistan. They know very well that the invasion in Afghanistan is costing a lot to America and it is going to prove an unbearable burden on the American economy. But in spite of all these suggestions, all indications and all warnings, the US authorities are never trying to understand the background of this grim scenario. Still there is time to think over the reasons behind this failure. Why billions of dollars and sacrifices of hundreds of young American soldiers, are going waste in Afghanistan?

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India-Israel selfishly restraining USA from abandoning Afghanistan

The British, German and the French military commanders in Afghanistan as well as of other Nato countries having fought the resistance forces in Afghanistan for the last eight years to subdue militancy are now having second thoughts. They say that force is not the answer and a political settlement through process of dialogue should be found to end insurgency. Despite rapidly rising number of Americans disfavouring war and opposing troop increase in Afghanistan and Obamas approval rating dipping, Obama Administration is still favouring continuation of Bush aggressive policies. Obama says it is war of necessity and has repeatedly expressed his resolve to dismantle, disrupt and defeat al-Qaeda and is still optimistic that war will be won. In pursuance of the stated objectives, Af-Pak policy was framed in February and approval for increase in troop level by 21000 given. These troops were to be shifted from Iraq toAfghanistan by December 2009 to take the total of US troops to 68000. Border belt astride Pak-Afghan border was declared as the battle zone since in US reckoning, bulk of Al-Qaeda leadership and other operatives were hiding in this area.

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