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I’m of the opinion that even if it’s unlikely, the consequences of someone threatening suicide would be so bad that it should be taken seriously every time.

Maybe, you know, after the first time OP calls a hospital to have her parents put on a 72 hour psychiatric hold, if they didn’t mean it then they’ll decide it’s too much of a hassle to screw around with suicide threats again, Which would be a great result for everyone.

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This just makes it so much more ironic – here she is a nuclear scientist, yet she doesn’t have a clue about the ‘safety’ on her pistol? (and yes, many of you might say “it was on” – but really, what are the odds a 2yr. old cannot only pull the trigger on a weapon but also release the safety – I have to assume is was an automatic, because it is unlikely a 2yr old could pull the trigger on a revolver)

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Dude. Words cannot express how pumped I am for Battlefront.

I think BF4 was a fantastic Battlefield game after all the patches, so I think from a design perspective they still make brilliant games, it’s just the buggyness which lets them down. Hopefully they have enough time to make it a very finished game this time.

I mean, Battlefront 2 as a game was nothing special from a gameplay or story standpoint. The third person mechanics seem mediocre at best… but it was amazing simply because it encapsulated one of the best parts of the Star Wars movies – the battles. The backdrop of the game propelled it into I think one of the most iconic SW games. Now if you combine the bloody brilliant gameplay of Battlefield with that same Star Wars backdrop… it’s gonna be awesome man. Though I hope they don’t just reskin Battlefield, but bring in the shit that made the original two great, like galactic conquest, while innovating with new ideas and stuff!

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In my experience, the game strongly incentivizes dis-assembly in nearly all cases. Quests will keep you geared up through the storyline, and the very best gear from dungeons after is custom (you make it yourself w/ currency everyone earns from every nightmare boss kill).

However, materials – which all gear disassembles into – are always valuable, either to attune augments (good very high end bonuses which sink huge amts of mats, worry about these after everything else) or to make animas (consumable potions that give good bonuses). Also I suppose to make glyphs, although the cost is low enough most players probably supply their own… Now, these are generally pure mats we’re talking about, but all mats eventually combine into them at rate of 5/level.

Takeaway – very low level items probably aren’t worth much either way. But the design of the game is such that as items, I imagine they are worth basically nothing. As mats, they are building blocks to pure mats which are always useful or valuable to sell.

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I think every first time is awkward afterwards, regardless of the gender.

From what you’ve wrote on your comments, you too seem content a little. I’d suggest just go with the flow. Explain how you feel.

I’m not saying, her in a relationship with your room mate, but it seems to me she likes you. So the best thing to do is just tell her how you felt.

It’s always good to talk about your first time.

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This was my first Christmas waking up alone, either not at my parents house, with my wife, or with kids. Woke up and finished preparing kids’ presents, went to eat at Waffle House (they were open and close, sue me), came home watched some TV. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but also not really “freeing.” Next year I’ll have my sons in the morning, and who knows what will happen in 2016.

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They seem to be the most vocal part. It seems they tend to speak out a lot. And don’t accuse me of being idiotic, the Xbox One and PS4 have great games and do have exclusive games as well. Telling someone they have an inferior product is not bashing, but calling them a peasant at every turn possible is. Some PC’s may be better, but not everyone can afford one. I’m sick off being called a peasant, for if I could get a gaming computer, you bet your ass I would get that computer, but I can’t, but it seems the most vocal won’t shut up about it. It’s not being told the truth, it’s being called a peasant at every nook and cranny.

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Maybe this is off topic, maybe not.

But why doesn’t the Church promote charitable initiatives among the members? We sometimes hear stories in General Conference about disaster relief efforts or that one program that supplied wheelchairs to people in 3rd-world countries, but I can’t recall hearing a specific here-and-now call to action as specific as, let’s keep poor Primary kids in Guatemala from starving. The closest I can think of is the introduction of the PEF fund quite a few years ago.

Historically, like during the 1910s-1930s, the Church (especially the Relief Society) were strongly progressive and worked hard to work with governments and other charities to promote stuff like hygiene initiatives and education to improve people’s physical welfare and things like that. IIRC, the modern Church welfare system and LDS family services have their roots in RS initiatives from this time period, and welfare farms in particular were held up as an ideal during FDR’s early administration as the way people could be self-sufficient and help their own communities during the Great Depression.

What happened to all of that? The Church is capable of so much good. Mormons are so awesome at organizing, working hard, and working as a large group. Why aren’t we harnessing that force better? Are people worried about burning out the general membership? Heck, I don’t think we’re even supposed to hold fundraisers anymore except to help the scouts and the YW get to girl’s camp.

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