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I do get where you are coming from. I never mocked him for his fetishes or inability to keep an erection or the size of his penis. I was fine with his penis size if it was erect. I tried to incorporate the fetishes into our relationship. I gave him footjobs, let him suck on my feet. There wasn’t much in it for me but I indulged them. What annoyed me was that despite doing that, our sex life was still lacking.

I think if you have fetishes, unless you find someone 100

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I work at a fast food restaurant and it was a hot summer day but unfortunately our ice cream machine was broken so I had to tell people that i couldnt give them ice cream due to the machine being broke. Most people responded with an “Okay” and walking out sad but this one lady comes in asks for ice cream, but I informed her that i was broken and apologized. That wasn’t good enough for her. She points to the soda fountain and says “No its not! I just saw someone get some over there!” So i tried explaining to this woman with out laughing my ass off that wasnt the ice cream machinr and i showed her where it was, behind our front counter. So she makes a break for it and pulls the lever on it and ice cream explodes all over her. She gets pissed about that and demands we buy her new clothes, give her free food, etc. and when i tell her no she stomps out of the place screaming her head off.

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Though it doesn’t weigh into DPS output directly, Accuracy should not be discounted. Though the i125 weapon with garbage stats may be…. marginally better then the i120 ironworks, that ironworks accuracy could easily mean you get to equip that better gear piece. For example, Ironworks ninja pants have 33 crit/34 det, as opposed to the Dreadwyrm 47acc/33 ss.

assuming 4 det = 1 dex (it’s actually closer to 3)

and 7 crit = 1 dex

Ironworks grants you +13 dex, or 1.6 weapondamage. Tack on the 47 crit that the ironworks daggers give, and that’s 2.3 wd worth of secondary stats you’d get over the “higher item level” relic, which would make the ironworks overall better.

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97-year-old World War II vet receives high school diploma


PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia man has finally received his high school diploma — at 97 years old. website

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☁Detroit at crossroads 50 years after riots devastated city


DETROIT — Deborah Chenault Green is 62, a writer. But 50 years ago she was a pre-teen, sleeping on open link

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It should be noted that asylum seekers in Sweden can live anywhere they want if they can arrange their own housing. Like living with relatives or friends. But these guys just want Sweden to give them free housing in the city of their choice.

I’m actually surprised that this has become widely reported. Incidents like these used to be reported only in obscure (more or less extreme right-wing) media. After the election last year, it seems as if the media has begun to report on the negative aspects of immigration as well. Sweden is slowly, slowly moving towards a more objective news reporting about immigration.

☀His parents said he just needed to sleep. A SWAT team came instead.


Then the van door opened. The Hingham police chief stepped in. They had found Austin; he had shot website

Maurice Brower

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Shield into dash is a good idea, his up air is beastly and his down smash is an easy spacer, as they pull into each other. Zero did a pretty good tutorial/play of him, i cant be stuffed finding the link

Ganon is probably on of the hardest characters to combo with, but when he hits a fair or uair you find yourself needing combo’s less.

The flame choke to d tilt can be rolled out of btw

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