National Boxing Camp to start from Sunday

Karachi, MTT News Desk: National Boxing camp will be start from 20th January 2013 at Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) complex Islamabad, Pakistan Boxing Federation Secretary Muhammad Akram Khan announced here on Friday in a press release.

National Fighters will begin there preparation for upcoming SAF Games, Asian Games, ASBC championship, AIBA world boxing championship and other some International important event.

Secretary General PBF arranged this camp after the prior approval of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), 21 boxers are invited to attend the national camp from all affiliated units.

Boxers are

49kg, Muhib Bacha (Police) and Dawood Ali (Pak Navy)

52kg, Muhammad Waseem (Wapda), Syed M. Asif (Railway), Syed Israr (HEC)

56kg, Naimat Ullah (PAF), Atta Ullah (Police), Abdul Rehman (Punjab)

60kg, Qadir Khan ( Pak Navy), Syed M. hussain (HEC), Nawaz Dawood (Pak Army), Arshad (Sindh)

64kg, Mir Balach (Sindh), Adnan Hassan (PAF),

69kg, Tanvir Ahmed (Pak Navy), Amir Khan (Wapda), Zulqarnain Abbas (Pak Army)

75kg, Dur Muhammad (Pak Navy), Mirza Azam (PAF)

81kg, Asmat Ullah (Balochistan)

91kg, Naimat Ullah (Balochistan), Riaz Ali (Pak Army)

91+kg, Waqar Ali (Pak Army)

All boxers advised to report at the venue on 20th January 2013 to followed coaches, Abdul Majeed Brohi (Railway), Ramzan Ali (Wapda) and Nisar Khan (Pak Army).

Secretary of Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) Akram Khan hoped that boxing on track now in the country and we are working hard to get success on international level.




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