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From: Posts to MTT [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 8:37 PM
To: faisulyaseen@gmail.com
Subject: You’re outta control.

I think that league is good just the way it is… Except for the client not starting from time to time.

The loading screen – It’s a “loading screen” for a reason. What more information do you want? Do you want it to show you a funny cat video or a guide on how to stomp your opponent?

Trash talking and voice chat – I put these two together because, Ironically, these two should never be together. I’m sure you’ve noticed how toxic the community is. Adding voice chat will just make it worse. Having someone rage at you in chat is one thing – you can mute them – but having them shout at you and cursing you over voice chat is just too much. Besides you can use Curse Voice or Skype to chat with your teammates.

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