2013 and the future Of Pakistan

Since 2008 after the eight years of Gen Musharraf dictatorship this government formed , Nation had high hopes with this government that economy could boast, Job opportunities for youth, Better law and order conditions so foreign investment could come to Pakistan but the last five years are the most dark period in Pakistans history the debt of the government is more than 61 years of countrys history, Economy suffered allot due to energy crisis only in Punjab 1,00000 small and 400 big industry closed which cause 4million unemployment in industrial sector. Sports industry is also suffering main industry moved to Bangladesh and Srilanka which boast their economy and create job opportunitys their and increases our unemployment and government has no policy to re-establish his industry.

On the other side corruption in every department is increasing day by day PIA is near bankruptcy and Railway is also in also in loss. Many corruption cases highlighted during these five years for example Rental power case in which sitting prime minister famous as Raja rental including 16 other persons and Supreme Court of Pakistan issued their warrant, Effederine case in which ex-prime minister son involved, Hajj corruption case , Giving routes to Turkish airlines without any debate which effects PIA business. Most favoured nation status given to India without any debate in parliament or at any public forum is this form of democracy in which only one person is taking decisions.

The criteria of merit of this government is that under metric MNA with JALI degree appointed as education minister is this joke to our political system and already more than 50% of higher education commission grant has been cut during this government, Under metric appointed as a chairman of OGDCL a very important department, Foreign minister dont have any knowledge and experience about foreign affairs but appointed, chairman PPP is selected without any experience or knowledge to running a party is this democracy or kingdom abuse of the system.

The most serious threat we are facing as a nation is terrorism and drone attacks by US government just last year 3,325 people killed in drone attacks we sacrificed more than 40.000 lives in war in terror these causalities are more than 1948, 1965 and 1971 causalities and we lost billions of dollars in last ten years. Recently Us President has given permission to CIA to do as many drone attacks to Pakistan in one year which will cause loss of important civilians lives and lost of infrastructure but no protest from our government or from any political party or from civil society.

We dont have any policy to deal with terrorism and unfortunately government and political parties are not unite on this important security matters. US announced withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and Pakistans role is very important in this region, India build five consulates in Afghanistan and they are supplying weapons to BLA and destabilizing Balochistan government has to raise this matter to security council because this is security threat to Pakistan.

Pakistan is main ally in war on terror and why is US silent on Indian involvement in Balochistan which is destabilizing Pakistan what we have get after so much sacrifice. Killings of Hazara community is also a big threat and they protested with 87 dead bodies for four days under -8 temperature than the prime minister came do they have any feelings for people. In recent two bomb attacks in Karachi 40 people killed and several injured and no government official or police reached at the place because a large number of police deployed to chief minister Sindhs advisor engagement and prime minister also attended the ceremony but cant bother to go their and know he is visiting Agmer Sharif on government expense and before he visited UK with his family members as state visit he is not eligible to stay at this post after issuing his warrants from Supreme court of Pakistan on rental power corruption case.

Karachi is a main commercial hub of Pakistan and main central Asias port trade upto Afghanistan depends on Karachi, Last year more than 15,000 people killed in Karachi with the average of 10 to 15 killings daily and no foreign investment is coming to Pakistan because of uncertain conditions closing of Karachi for one day can cause Pakistan billions of dollars. Our government and law enforcement agencies failed to protect the citizens and Karachi is an influence of Taliban, Pakistani Taliban strengthen in Pakistan after the drone attacks many places in Karachi is no go areas for government and they are challenging government rit.

Main question is that from which route weapon is coming to Karachi and in which quantity and who is sponsoring these terrorist groups and wants to destabilize Pakistan. Last week two ranger persons kidnapped who and then murdered and their dead bodies cant identified because of torture who is behind their murder. After the bomb explosion one group shutdown the markets in twenty minutes why government is silent on this issue.

During interior ministers tenure thousands people killed but he is still on post , He is head of security of Benazir Bhutto and escaped from the blast place then why he is appointed as Interior minister of Pakistan, according to his statement he said that big explosion could occur in Karachi in few days then blast happened from which resources he got the information and cant take any steps and also given the statement election can,t be possible in these conditions what is his agenda behind these statements.

Is their any international conspiracy behind to delay election process in Pakistan because government is not able to conduct fair and free elections because of poor law and order situations. Interior ministers statement Laskker e jahangavi involved in these bomb attacks and given 734 terrorist list to Punjab government Punjab government have to clear his name about they have link with terrorist group. Extremists attack on Christian community and no action has been taken by Punjab government and they have failed to protect their citizens.

Threat to the society is the threat to peaceful Pakistan and few forces wants to destabilize the country. Message given through such incidents to the international community is that Pakistan is not safe for any religion and government must have to protect human rights.


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