Through the lens; Iraqi women, power and resistance

By Hammad Mahmood:

A debate organized on International Womens day highlighted the miseries of Iraqi womens facing day-to-day life after war. During Saddams dictatorship no Political party has a right to form, No womens organization to form work for womens rights, Highlighted womens issues or protest for their rights, Ban on Trade unions to form to protect workers rights and there is o freedom of speech under his regime.

Kurdish people treated as second-class citizens in their own Country and 1991-genocide Kurdish community lost thousands innocent loved ones.

People have no life under Saddams dictatorship and womens faced allot threat in the society and cant move freely. This is the situation in Saddams dictatorship and US Told Saddam was a threat to the world and according to Tony Blair’s autobiography” Highest number of child deaths in the world was in Iraq under Saddam Hussain.”

Thats the health conditions of Iraqi people under dictatorship.

After the intervention of US and allied forces world think that a big change could came to Iraqi community. Iraq is at number 2 in corruption in the world and news are coming they are transferring money to abroad.

Iraqi parliament has a 25% presentation of womens but not a positive work is highlighting for womens rights. Iraqi women activist told the audience that few womens are protesting for their rights kidnapped by a group tortured the womens and given them threat if u protested next time for womens rights u would be gang rapped and if u still continued u would be murdered.

No representation for womens rights in the parliament. Speaker told that no politician cant speak against child marriage its un-Islami, is this not a child abuse to bind child at the age of ten Years in wedding.

Islam is official religion of Iraq but in country representation many religions. Womens are openly writing and criticising against religion, fighting for secular constitution.

First International womens day celebrated in 2004 attended by 1000 people still womens in Iraq facing the problems trafficking, prostitution, kidnapped.

On media presentation of womens in war, No shame presenting war pictures. Life under Saddams regime and life under US and allied forces are same.

Us divide Iraq Shia and Sunni conflicts and in Iraqi society sectarian violence increasing. Oil looted, Museums looted under, typical orientation about Middle East is presenting in media, Main question what representation required in media.

24 hours of broadcast during Ashura but no coverage for womens rights in media educated womens cant do jobs because of heavy bombardments.


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