Broadcasters provide children a platform to discuss a better world

Islamabad, MTT News Desk: Broadcasters around the country will provide children and adolescents the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams and aspirations about their future in a better world to contribute to the United Nations debate on the post-2015 development agenda.

UNICEF and leading broadcasters in Pakistan will celebrate this years International Childrens Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) falling on 3 March by involving young people in discussing priorities for the future through specially produced ICDB programmes.

This years theme Our World, Our Future syncs with the theme for global consultations led by the United Nations to discuss the post-2015 development agenda.

I am so impressed by the vision and confidence of children and adolescents in Pakistan and I am confident they will have a great many ideas and opinions that will contribute to the global debate on the future development agenda and the vision for the world that these young people will continue to live and work in. With nearly 90 million young people in Pakistan, the collective voice will be important on the global scale and we must harness the wide range of expressions that exists. Working with leading broadcasters in Pakistan is a great opportunity to realize this opportunity, said Dan Rohrmann, UNICEFs Representative in Pakistan.

Over the years, broadcasters in Pakistan have helped UNICEF immensely to bring children and the realisation of their rights to the forefront of the national agenda. Giving children, especially the underprivileged and marginalized, the opportunity to talk about changing the world into a better place, boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Their views would form part of the inputs being compiled from Pakistans perspective to feed into the global development process.

The International Childrens Day of Broadcasting is an international event where, on the first Sunday of March every year, thousands of broadcasters in more than a hundred countries help children to be directly involved in radio and television programming, production and presentation. As a result, children share experiences with their peers, and give voice to their hopes and dreams.

UNICEF takes this opportunity to thank the media, particularly all leading broadcasters in Pakistan, who are supporting this years International Childrens Day of Broadcasting.


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