Pakistan Steal Mills expecting a new revival in business

Karachi, MTT News Desk: Continuous arrival of raw material in PSM started the revival plan of PSM. Coal and iron ore ships created a improved stock position of PSM raw materials. This resulted a good increase in production activity of PSM as it crossed 30% production and all praise to Allah(SWT)yesterday 28th Feb 2013 PSM achieved production at 37.7%.

PSM workers and staff all are working hard for the betterment and revival of the great national asset, Pakistan Steel Mills under the courageous and visionary leadership of Chief Executive Officer Major General Mohammad Javed HI-M(retd).

PSM management trying to reach at 60% production level in few months if the required facilities will be provided timely .PSM ensures to become a profitable entity by the grace of Allah(SWT) within a few months.

PSM management specially thanked Govt of Pakistan specially Ministries of Production, Finance, related organizations and forums for their sincere co operative role in the revival of PSM.PSM assures to fulfill the hopes of nation and become a rising example in our country.

On the start of the PSM revival the CEO and Management congratulates to all its 17000 employees whose patience, wishes and prayers came true and the most awaited day started.


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