Pak exports to Malaysia grow by 6.15pc

Kuala Lumpur, MTT News Desk: Pakistans exports to Malaysia have risen by 6.15 per cent according to trade figures available for the period January-October 2012, says a press release issued by the Pakistan High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

Quoting statistics from January till October 2012, the statement says Pakistan has exported goods worth US$232.81 million to Malaysia, registering a growth of 6.15 per cent or US$13.48 million over the US$219.33 million exports of corresponding period last year.

During both the years, rice stood as the highest contributor and a major export to Malaysia, contributing to 25 per cent (US$54.08 million) of the total exports in 2011, and 29 per cent (US$66.51 million) of the total exports in 2012.

From January to October 2012, the export of bed-linen increased by 13.96 per cent (US$0.62 million), electrical appliances by 76.15 per cent (US$1.42 million), rice by 22.97 per cent (US$12.42 million), potatoes by 164.14 per cent (US$3.15 million), maize by 58.88 per cent (US$14.36 million) and fish by 21.94 per cent (US$2.19 million).

However, the exports of onion decreased by 94.93 per cent (US$15.68 million), cotton yarn by 28.73 per cent (US$5.03 million), parts and accessories by 27.95 per cent (US$0.35 million) and woven fabrics by 6.47 per cent (US$0.27 million) in the same period.

Pakistan exports a number of goods to Malaysia, including fish, potatoes, onion, rice, maize, cotton yarn, woven fabrics and synthetic staple fibre, bed-linen, electrical apparatus for line telephony and parts and accessories.

Pakistan also imports palm oil, electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, chemicals, rubber, wood, synthetic filament yarn, insecticides, automatic data processing machines and parts and accessories from Malaysia. However, the overall imports from Malaysia to Pakistan have decreased from US$2.12 billion US$1.6 billion by 24.58 per cent. Palm oil was the major import from Malaysia in both years, standing at US$1.65 billion in 2011 and US$1.12 billion in 2012.


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