Kashmir seeks serious attention

By Aslam Kanwan

Kashmiris are struggling for more than 6 decades for their right of Self-Determination from India. Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK) has lost Kashmiris in this struggle. Kashmir is a global and conflicted issue. After 1947 the state of Jammu and Kashmir was divided between Pakistan and India as India refused to honor the wishes of the people of Kashmir. After the partitioning of Hindustan into Pakistan and India, the Hindu raja Harry Singh announced the merger of Kashmir with India. The attempt was against the will of Muslims.

According to “Two Nations Theory” Hindu and Muslim can’t live together that’s why from more than 60 years Kashmir is burning because Kashmiris are Muslim and have separate identity and territory. They want to live separately but India is occupying on Kashmir brutally. As this is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In UDHR the Article 13 there is clearly written, ” Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state”.

But innocent Kashmiris have no freedom in their on state.

India is completely violating UNO declaration on Human Rights and is not acting on the resolution that was passed by UNO on Kashmir issue.

This is alarming situation. 70 years are near to complete but no one is taking it seriously and talking about it. We daily see in pictures the brutality of Indian army on old people and women. Now where are the champion of human rights and those agencies who are fighting for human rights?

Kashmiris are facing Indian brutality from year and no one is there to help them for their rights.

I want to clear to those who say that Muslims are terrorists. Shame on you people tell me what is being done with Muslims in Palestine, What is being done with the Rohingya Muslims of Burma and what is happening on Waziristan?

Now it is clear that it is a conspiracy to tease and weaken the Muslims. These enemies want to destroy us and they are making plan daily.

Pakistan should take serious attention to resolve this issue. They Kashmiris are burning in blood from more than 6 decades and we just celebrate only Kashmir Solidarity Day” one in a year.

This is not enough and we should take it seriously because Kashmir is our integral part and we don’t want the dirty presence of India on our heaven.

On the solidarity day I was listening the statement of Imran khan that when he will come to power, Kashmir issue will be his top priority and he will solve this problem…

I can’t understand the hypocrisy of our leader why they says when they will come to power they will solve this and that problem.

I want to ask from khan that if you think that you have goodwill in India and if you say that you are sincere to Kashmiris people than why you dont start assisting present government to solve this issue. Why are you waiting. Its only your Power Politics and you only want to come to power thats why you are making fools the nation.

Please grow up and keep in mind nation is power.


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