Youth Parliament of Pakistan and its contribution to national development

By Aslam Kanwan

Youth parliament of Pakistanis a platform, which was established in 2008. Its prime aim is to empower the youth of Pakistan with the ability to understand the importance of their role in community services and to nurture their leadership qualities and who have the potential to do something productive and who have desire to utilize their positive and constructive qualities for national development.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan initiated many programmes to empower the youth of Pakistan. At the beginning youth parliament started its projects in 18 districts but now it is working in nearly 25 district and many district soon will be included

The first project of youth parliament was active citizens, which was initiated with the collaboration of British Council. Active Citizens programme aims to develop leadership skills in young people of Pakistan. It facilitates community and political participation amongst young people through interaction with local community, local and national governments.

Youth parliaments completed this project successfully and train thousands of people in whole Pakistan. These people are performing their role for the welfare of society and they have also completed social action projects, which are awarded by British Council.

Second project of youth parliament is HRE (Human Rights Education), which is started with the collaboration of Ministry of Human Rights Government of Pakistan.
The aim of HRE is to aware the youth of Pakistan regarding Human Rights. In this project Youth Parliament organized trainings on Human Rights Education in selected district of Pakistan to educate the youth about their rights and responsibilities.

Nearly 5.5 trainings of Human Right Education were completed in 20 districts of Pakistan and trained thousand of youth. Youth Parliament also stated Human rights programmes on different Channels and organized an Human Rights Education Forum in Lahore where the youth from every part of Pakistan participated and shared their experience about human right education and trainings.

HRE project is still going on and YPP is going to conduct its second training of Trainers of Human Rights Education and YPP is going to start its second round in remaining districts.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan started its 3rd project of YAD (Youth in Action for Democracy). This project aims to promote and inculcate democratic values and democratic behaviours and Strengthening Democracy by Empowering Youth in Pakistan.

This project was started in 2010. YAD is an initiative of Youth Parliament of Pakistan in collaboration with United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). Youth Parliament conducted many sensitisation seminar and workshops in targeted districts to aware the youth of Pakistan about democracy and its importance. Youth Parliament also started awareness programmes about democracy on TV, and also organized and essay competition on “Democracy in Pakistan” and three best essays was awarded with cash prizes and international tours.

Recently Youth Parliament of Pakistan organized an “Intergenerational Democracy Symposium” in Lahore on mega level. Where youth from whole Pakistan was invited. Politicians, Journalists and social workers were also there and they delivered speeches on the Importance of Democracy. It was a mile stone day for the promotion of Democratic values and democratic behaviours in the Youth Of Pakistan.

Youth Parliament is largest and greatest Youth Platform in Pakistan, which is working for the development of Youth in Pakistan, and it is fastly growing day by day. There are nearly 2 lakh registered member of YPP from whole Pakistan and member of YPP are leading social actions projects in their areas for the welfare of local communities. By this they are serving the nation and contributing a lot for National Development.

Our prominent members and District Project Manager of Rawalpindi Islamabad are going to organized 2nd free medical cam in slums area of Islamabad. They organized First medical camp in 2011 where hundreds of poor peoples were treated freely.


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