India must withdraw its army from OSJK, says Habib Yousafzai

Islamabad, MTT News Desk: Both the Kashmiri and Sikh Diasporas carried out a protest on January 27, 2013, outside Pearson Convention Center Brampton, Canada to send a strong message to the India’s Consulate General who was present. Inside, the Consulate General of India, along with the Indian community, were celebrating Indias 64th Republic day.

While they were celebrating, the Indian community forgot that the constitution was rejected by the Sikh Parliamentarians in Indian parliament because the Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan) was merged into the Indian union forcefully, without any vote for the right to self-determination or referendum. Besides, when the draft was developed, Sikhs were deprived of their identity and were homogenized as long haired Hindus. More than six decades after this event, 270,000 Sikhs have been mercilessly killed and their religious centers including The Darbar Sahib Complex, Amritsar, also mistakenly known Golden Temple Complex, was desecrated and destroyed in an ‘undeclared’ war on the Sikh Nation. This took place in the form of the brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June 1984. The Indian government has ignored the reality that Punjab had been the sovereign territory of the Sikhs for centuries (1799 to 14th March, 1849) and, the Sikhs have been “Struggling to regain their lost sovereignty since 14th March, 1849, under the guidance of the teachings of their Respected Guru Sahebaans, inscribed in the Blissful Guru Granth Sahib. The Brahmins-Hindus’ masters of Indian Congress have wiped off the map the sovereign Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan) as well as Sikh Nation, the First Sovereign and Secular nation of the South Asian region.

Similarly, India occupied Manwadar, Junagarah, Hyderabad, and on October 27, 1947, forty two thousand square miles of the state of Jammu and Kashmir while enslaving its people. Kashmir is a state predominantly inhabited by Muslims. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India took the matter to the United Nations which passed a resolution that the fate of the state of Jammu and Kashmir should be decided by plebiscite. To this day the Indian government is using false pretenses in order to avoid plebiscite which would have the destiny of the state decided by the democratic wishes of its citizens. In over six decades, the Indian government has killed over 200,000 citizens in the state and there is not one day that goes by in which the Indian government forgoes all its means in order to suppress the populace from their right of self determination and ultimate freedom.

The Indian government which is an illegal occupier is strategically trying to dictate the terms of settlement of this issue. It is arguing that for a plebiscite to take place that Pakistan should withdraw its forces from Azad Kashmir despite the fact that the entire state was to accede to Pakistan and is legally the territory of Pakistan. Thus, we can see how India as an occupier is attempting ignore the fact that it is the occupier and diverting the onus to the Pakistani state. This argument is extremely flawed as the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir and its citizens are Pakistani territory and citizens respectively. India is vehemently arguing this stance as a means to complicate the simple issue of plebiscite that must take place. Its stand exposes the mass hypocrisy and democratic deficit in the Indian state. To put into context, this argument is synonymous with Pakistan invading half of Delhi and six decades later propagating to the international community that India should withdraw from the other half in order to administer a plebiscite on the ground. In reality, the Indian state should have sanctions placed on it for behaving as a rogue state in the international system and should compensate the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and the Pakistan state for the massive material and human rights costs that it has caused.


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