Are we responsible enough?

By Aslam Kanwan

Last day I visited national assembly and attended the session of it. I was astonished to see the non-serious attitude of our parliamentarians and their non-serious participations.

Session was started but parliamentarians were busy in gossiping with each other. According to my information nation have to bear millions rupees on a session of parliament but our parliamentarians don’t care for that and they think that they are son-in-law of Pakistan and they are heirs of this country and this is their hereditary property.

But they rascal dont know how and after how many struggled this country was obtained and how many people sacrificed their lives to give us this land and they also dont know how their nation is affording their expenses. They should know that is not charity and one day they would be taken to account for this.

Poor people of nation delegate their authorities in the form of these representatives. But nation should know that they are not representing them in legislature but they are enjoying by the power given to them by the people.

I also noticed that there are many old representatives who can’t even walk easily and who can’t even speak well. What type of representative they are and what is their benefit to the nation. They are nothing but only a burden on the Nation

I suggest they should leave politics and they should forgive nation and they should admit themselves to some hospitals for their proper checkups and they have to take rest and they should do “Allah”.

It will be there gratitude on nation. Here is my question what is the benefit of these people and what kind of policies these people will make for our and for the future of Pakistan. These are the people who are shifting their wealth to other countries to save their future.

I also heard a statement from our minister that he will also be the next minister of Railway. I can’t still digest this statement .why you will be the next Railway minister?

If is not your hereditary property and who will take to you on account on the destruction of this industry. Who will ask from those who looted and destroyed PIA?

My question is who will take to account these national culprits. When these people will be brought for accountability. Result of good governance and everything is clear to nation.

I openly says that that we are responsible for this and I hope and I am 100% sure that these people who suffering from injustice, expensiveness, load shedding, inflation, corruption and unemployment again these people will run their election campaigns of these rascals with zeal and zest and with enthusiasm and again will elect these peoples .we are 100% responsible for our current situation.

Once it was asked from Ex-President that why you made that person minister he is so corrupt. President replied that ask from the people that why they elected him and why they made him MNA.

It is also common example that “Dont beat the blind but beat his mother why she give birth to blind man”

If next time these people will be elected they we have to curse ourselves not them, because it would be our failure not their.


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One Response to Are we responsible enough?

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    well said I fully agree with you it is our own fault that these people come into power.They should be thrown out of this country.

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