Democracy and Pakistan

By Aslam Kanwan

When I see that all opposition parties are together to save Democracy when Tahirul Qadri was leading a protest in Islamabad. I feel much strange because these were the people, who were always keep abusing each other and never agreed with each other on any matter of national interest. I try to think for what matter and for what reasons, these people are united.

The politicians call themselves, the guardians of democracy and are united to fight against any dictator.

I ask from these politicians that why do you not sit together to solve national problems. As my country is facing lots of problems these days such as terrorism, target killings, corruption, unemployment, injustice, inflation and many other evils are making my country weak.

Nation never see them united on any national issue including Kashmir, Water resources, Terrorism and other external and internal threats but when they feel that democracy is feeling any danger they become united to fight for democracy, which in turn assure their control over government.

The nation is aware from the tricks of these politicians and so, they can’t rob Pakistan more. It is clear to the masses that they are neither man of words nor trustworthy.

Nawaz Sharif is trying to become prime minister of Pakistan for the 3rd time but it is impossible for this time because he is not credible to be PM of this Nation because current government destroyed this country due to his friendly opposition and he remained silent for his turn.

Mian sahab should remember that this country is not charity. Peoples are aware the monkey’s distribution of current Government is their good governance.

We daily hear a slogan that “democracy is best revenge. I think the politicians are taking your revenge from poor nation.

I want to ask here what democracy gives us. Democracy deprived the poor people from the basic needs of life. There is load shedding of hours, there is load shedding of gas, terrorism is at the peak, unemployment is also un measurable but still some people says that “Agli bari phir Zardari ”

What this is all about? When these people will become aware.

The nation should awake to secure the future of their generations. These politicians are not sincere with the nation. These people will never let Pakistan to be green.

Some people are sitting silent and waiting for any revolution including me. We believe that Allah will send a reformer for us.

Revolution is near, elections are on the way and we can make coming elections a revolution. Please for this time don’t believe on these corrupt and selfish leaders who are promoting their families to occupy on the politics of this country and who are playing with your destiny.

If nation wants to get rid form corrupt leadership. They should get up now if they will not get up then these people and their unable generation will continue playing with their destiny.

Mian sahab and Zardari sahab, Pakistan doesnt owe any thing to you people. Please leave this country. Nation doesnt want leaders like you.


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5 Responses to Democracy and Pakistan

  1. Sarwat says:

    Democracy allows greater space to civil society and civilian institutions, we witness a greater assertion of vocal elements of civil society, the media and the bars, the judiciary — revived under democracy by democratic means — and the federating units by virtue of the NFC Award, to expand their spheres and spaces scuttled during military dictatorships. We also see a presidency bowing to the parliamentary spirit of the 1973 Constitution, rather than remaining an instrument of the powers-that-be to scuttle the mandate of the people. Most vibrant and inclusive is the politics of coalition making at the Centre and the provinces. We see unprecedented accountability of the elected representatives by the media — often bordering on ridicule. On top of all this, a very proactive judiciary is not letting any omission of the executive go unpunished to a point where, on occasions, the poor executive looks traumatised and squeezed. So do you think a dictator allows this all.Never, it is the only democracy that gives freedom of expression and offers itself for the accountability. so please let the democracy prevail.

  2. ibrat says:

    kanwan sahib bare advance ho gae ho achi bat he

  3. fakhar naqvi says:

    very great jani

  4. Usama Zafar says:

    Nice article. People really need to be aware of right and wrong. This is the time to reveal ourselves rather than other. Good effort Aslam, highly appreciated.

    • aslam says:

      Thank you usama bhai…

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