Is Pakistan a democratic country

By Hammad Mahmood

Pakistan is one of the nuclear powers and has a very important role in world politics and have a neighbouring country of China India and Afghanistan and is a key ally in war against terrorism and lost 45,000 thousands military and civilian lives since 2001.

This part of the world south East Asia is very important because in war against terrorism USA and NATO forces have announced withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 that’s why 2013 and 2014 are very important years. Pakistan has a very important role in south East Asia.

But for the last five years is under the so called democratic system run by the dictatorship of few families who have full hold on the resources of the country. Majority of the population have no access to education, Health and employment. Industrial investment is moving to Bangladesh.

Only in Punjab 1,00,000 small industries and 400 big industries closed and unemployment reached to 4 million in Punjab. No political party has raised their voice to save our textile industry and for the poor workers who lost their job. In Karachi factory incident 350 people lost their life and recently Pakistani prime minister has given the orders to take back the murder cases on factory owners who are responsible for the killings of innocent people who are given just 50,000 and the owners are taking maximum work in this salary they can’t afford to survive with their family and in factory’s their is no health and safety protection for the labours.

More than 22,000 people killed in Karachi killings and the bloodshed of Hazara community recently 87 people killed in Quetta capital city of Balochistan in bomb attacks and they had protested with the dead bodies under the temperature of -8 degree for three days. In this democracy, mothers are protesting with the dead bodies of their sons and no one from the government have come to take action against such a bad law and order situation and still the responsible former chief minister of Balochistan is not in the country do this government have any feelings for the people of Pakistan.

According to the statement of chairman NAB daily 7 billion corruptions and our investment is moving from Pakistan which is the main cause of unemployment in Pakistan and foreign investment because of poor law and order situation government haven’t taken any step to give confidence to foreign investment in Pakistan.

In Bhoja airline crash 129 people killed but no inquiry against responsible people. India is supplying weapons in Balochistan and government haven’t raised this important threat to our national security at any international platform.

On 15 January Supreme court of Pakistan has given the orders to arrest prime minister of Pakistan and 16 other people who are involved in rental power corruption which is the main cause of load shedding which destroyed our industrial sector and large amount of contract moving from Pakistan to neighbouring countries and in reaction of the order the PPP showed their power in Karachi in the form of shut down the markets.

Statement of Senator Aitzaz Ahsan and senior advocate said that he will remain prime minister even if he goes to jail. So called civil society of Pakistan organized a protest in favour of raja rental that from this judgement of Supreme court democracy is in danger and they opposed the rally of Dr Qadri founder of MinhajULQuran foundation who gathered lacs of people in Islamabad to save the society.

Shame on civil society they can’t see the corruption of Geelani and his family, Raja rental and other ministers of government and allies. They can’t see the killings of Karachi, They can’t see who destroyed industrial sector they haven’t raise their voice for the 4 million unemployed Punjab labours, They have not raise their voice for the innocent 350 people who killed in Karachi factory incident and PM have given orders to take back the murder case on factory owners, why they are not protesting for Karachi killings.

They are not raising their voice we have tension at Indian borders and Indian army killed our 1 Lance Nike on 15 January they only raise voice for the corrupt politicians who destroyed PIA, Railways near bankruptcy we have to think what is their agenda.

People are fed up from this corrupt political system in which 99% people can’t reach to the assemblies and they are not the part of the policies and only few families have access to the resources of the country they are masters and people are like their slaves. Dr Qadri’s million march is the alarming situation for the corrupt segment of society who don’t have any feelings for the poor and deprived people of Pakistan.

The time has come to stand up as a nation for our rights to build the foundation of a new, Progressive, Democratic, Islamic and welfare country.

International community is watching the critical condition of Pakistan government has no control in the country. Suicide bombing is increasing law and order is poor.

Pakistanis also big hub of Karachi port in south East Asia and matters are going worse day by day. This scenario is quite alarming and in next election Pakistan needs a new government who can strengthen democracy and re establish industrial sector, Improve law and order situation, Create job opportunities and give hope to foreign investment that Pakistan is a safe country. Change is very essential in 2013 for Pakistan to build our image as a moderate country at international platform.


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