Pakistan Steel: 55K Coal reached PS

Karachi, MTT News Desk: Pakistan Steel spokesman said that a ship carrying 55,000 metric tons of coal for Pakistan Steel reached Port Qasim Pakistan Steel Jetty after a long journey from Australia.

The unloading of coal has been started through the 4.2 Km conveyer belt from Port Qasim Jetty to Pakistan Steel raw material stockyard.

He said that Government is taking keen interest for the revival of PS and the procurement of raw materials from the bailout package is successfully started by PS management.

He added that the shortage of raw materials is the major cause of all problems currently facing by PS and management is fully exercising to solve this problem, as once the supply chain of raw materials is started then all problems will be solved.

This coal was purchased from an Australian company through a long term contract with Pakistan Steel.

Regarding iron ore availability PS spokesman said that, PS management achieved great success in iron making process during the shortage of imported iron ore with the utilization of local iron ore.

PS spokesman said that about 0.1 Million Tonns of local ironore from Balochistan has been utilized by PS in this financial year.

On the other hand two contracts of imported iron ore are finalized and about 30000 metric Tonns of iron ore will reach PS in next 20 days.

He added that, many tenders for procurement of iron ore are under process, after completion of all legal paper work process two contracts of more than 100000 Metric tons of imported iron ore will be finalized.


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