Karachi situation: In search of Solutions

By Muhammad Shahbaz Thuthaal:

IG Sindh submitted before the supreme last week that over 254 police officers and men ,who took part in 1992 operation had been target killed during the period 2004-2009.Neither the previous government nor the present PPP government ever took notice. IG Sindh failed to mention, what the Sindh police had done for the welfare of their families. No action has been taken by the Sindh police or the intelligence Agencies since 2009 to trace out the murderers of these 254/ 282 policemen. The families of these policemen are running from pillar to post to seek justice. The morale of the police is adversely affected. The whole force is reluctant to take any action against the criminals, with the result the whole burden has been placed on the Rangers. The police force recruited on ethnical basis cannot take action on merit. This has resulted in the Criminals going scot free from the courts due to lack of evidence. No action has been taken to date by the Federal or Provincial government since 2008 to investigate and trace the criminals responsible for the murder of over 50 men killed on 12 may 2007. CJP was kept stranded at the Karachi Airport 12 May 2007. No action has been even initiated on the cold blooded murder of the Lawyers burnt to death in Karachi few days later. The CJP has also not taken any Suo Motto action to provide justice to the families of the affected people. This is a very serious Matter, if the governments cannot provide justice to the members of their own force, who will next take orders from the government for any other operation against the criminals/terrorists. Those who were arrested for torturing Major Kaleem during 1991/92 were released on Bail. The case against them was also withdrawn by the government in 2004. The new amendment to local government in Sindh has further increased the Rural Urban divide.

Late Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenju’s autobiography is named as “In search Of Solutions”. Late Mr. G B Bizenju advocated working for solutions to the problems facing Pakistan. His last major public event before his death was his speech to all Parties Conference convened by Mr. MK Juneju on Afghanistan 4-5 March 1988. It was an excellent speech I shall only quote the last two Sentences quote So sign the Geneva agreement and send back the Afghan Refugees whose presence has imposed on the people of Pakistan a wholesale martial law for the last eight years. For God’s Sake, do not obstruct the withdrawal of the soviet troops and the return of Afghan refugees. It would be suicidal for Pakistan.” How prophetic were his words. No wonder Zia Ul Haq Dismissed his own handpicked non Party Parliament and the Juneju Government within the next two months.

Gen ZIA UL HAQ laid the foundations of Islamic militancy in Pakistan. Instead of encouraging political parties to educate and organize the parties on pro Pakistan Agenda and manifesto they were encouraged to pursue their programs on ethnic and religious based sects. This resulted into growth of ethnic and religious parties. The government machinery was used to destroy popular all Pakistan based Parties. Parties based on ethnic and religious affiliations were encouraged by the Government. All out efforts have been made to divide Sindh into Rural/Urban areas to benefit a particular community (2001-2012). Instead of devolution, all five Districts of Karachi were amalgamated into one big Mega city of over 20 million, whereas Hyderabad with the population of 2.5 million was cut into four districts. The new City Government was given full support to do what they liked. The revenue department now placed under the City District Government was misused by the land mafia to occupy the government lands including some of the adjoining Sindhi Goths. The locals, who had settled ever since the creation of Pakistan and in some cases for hundreds of years, were ousted. Criminal minded land Mafias / Qabza groups took control. They further increased their activities to drugs and kidnapping for Ransom. The police and other departments recruited persons on ethnic basis instead of solving the problem have become part of the problem. Karachi has been built by the hard working Punjabi/ Pashtun/Baloch Laborers. Pashtun Chowkidars and Drivers protected the Families of the rich like their own families. The peaceful Karachi first time faced the ethnic riots in 1972 on language riots. This has gradually led to the present crisis. All parties/communities have now formed their militant wings, which control their respective areas. The police recruited on ethnic basis and after the massacre of over 254/282 policemen have become ineffective.

After 2008 elections, ANP came to power both at the Centre as well as in KP. In Sindh ANP is also sharing power in Sindh. PPP leadership at the highest level has accepted the MQM to remain in control of Karachi and other three cities, which perhaps was part of the NRO. Local leadership of both PPP and ANP do not want to surrender to the rule of MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad, resulting into an open war between MQM, Pashtuns, and PPP is silent supporter. The threatening notes by some organization to Sindhi ministers to go back to their Goths in interior Sindh needs to be viewed as a conspiracy to keep the various ethnic groups fighting each other. The Government agencies are silent spectators. The worst scenario is that the militant wings of the parties are now becoming independent of their mother parties/groups.

SOLUTION. The solution to the Karachi problem is an honest holistic approach based on merit.

JUSTICE. Unless the people responsible for 12 May 2007 and the murder of that Saint Hakim Saeed are punished it will not solve the Problem. Trial of those who target killed 254/282 policemen in 2003-2009.

LIVE AND LET LIVE policy. ALTAF BHAI must take the lead and accept all those living Karachi to be given space in Karachi. MQM must remember that it was the people of Sindh, who accepted them with open Arms in 1947. MQM therefore cannot be given the sole ownership of Karachi. Urdu Speaking are in all other Parties specially JI, JUP, PML and PPP. The sacrifices made by the people of Sindh have been ignored by those in power since 1947. Why Sindh language as medium of instruction was removed from all the schools of Karachi. Why the capital of Sindh province was shifted from Karachi to Hyderabad in 1949/50 and later it became the capital again in 1969, on re-creation of Sindh province.

Unfortunately the tradition to call any one, who disagrees with the government of the day, as traitor must be curbed. Why Ayub Khoro was dismissed as CM? Why national leaders, who worked day and night for creation of Pakistan like GM SYED, Nawab Iftikhar Mamdot, HS SUHRAWARDY and AK Fazal Haq of East Bengal declared as traitors.

Sindh Quarterly, DR Hamida Khoro and late Ghulam Mustafa shah brought many historical facts to light about the early years of our independence.

Business Community special those, who are active members of MQM, should take notice and try to bring peace in Karachi by interacting with other ethnic groups. All have to live in Karachi; space must be created for all, otherwise, all will perish fighting each other. The Pashtuns, Baloch and Sindhis of lyiari and Smaller Goths around Karachi will have no choice but fight it out till death.

CIA/RAW are only interested in unrest in Karachi, in order to destabilize, the Hub of Pakistan’s Economy.

Karachi city should be divided into pre 1999 five districts with greater powers to the districts. However two central districts should be formed into Metropolitan Corporations of Karachi. The remaining three districts should be declared as rural districts. Revenue department should be reverted to the provincial government.

Nadra and Election Commission of Pakistan should be directed to give Identity Documents to all living in Karachi, irrespective of any ethnic bias.

Federal Government Agencies should recruit people of all ethnic groups based on their population in Karachi.

Urdu and Sindhi should be adopted as official languages of Sindh province.

Most Important; If no action is taken now , a time is coming soon ,when the terrorists will become so strong that they will divide Karachi into their own areas of operations like that of Criminal Mafias it may turn into another Beirut. Almighty Allah will sooner than later bring the culprits to justice.

If action has been taken on the Humood Ur Rahman commission and those responsible for the 1971 debacle had been punished, Pakistan would have been a much better country today. The Supreme Court can even now establish a Commission to fix responsibility and recommend action on Humood Ur Rahman commission and all extra judicial actions/killings done since then.


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