Pakistan Steel to provide quality meal to its employees

Karachi, MTT News Desk: Pakistan Steel management takes over charge of its canteens to provide a better quality meal to its employees.

Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Steel Major Gen.Muhammad Javed HI-M(Retd) gave special directives to provide a better quantity and a best quality meal to Pakistan Steel employees during their duty hours.

Following the directives Pakistan Steel management took over the charge of all of its 20 canteens spread up to Pakistan Steel Plant Area, Headoffice, steel Town, Jetty to Makli, Gharo & Jhampir stations.

This step has been taken to maintain supply of fresh and healthy food /meal with proper quantity, maintaining more hygenic environment in canteens, running of canteens in a transparent way and saving of cost.

Pakistan Steel management ensured its employees that there will be no compromise on food quality, only branded, A Class, fresh ingredients oil/ghee, spices, Flour, rice, meat and vegetables are used in making food.

A special purchase committee of Pakistan Steel officials has been constituted who will responsible to ensure the transparent and quality purchase of all materials.

A token system has been introduced according to which each meal cost Rs 15/- and tea token cost Rs5/-, tokens are available from canteens and also from concerned departments.

A person from each department is also nominated as canteen co-ordinator to solve all types of queries and complaints regarding canteen arrangements and meal.

Pakistan Steel management also comprised a central food and hygienic Committee working under a senior official who is responsible for checking the canteen environment, service, cooking recipes, food quality.


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