Lawyers Vow For Inter-Institutional Harmony

Rawalpindi, MTT News Desk: President of the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Lawyers Movement (IPLM) Zakiullah Qureshi has vowed to work for inter-institutional harmony and expose elements that are conspiring for clash of institutions, endangering the countrys existence.

He stressed that trial lawyers community will have to play a dedicated role for the solidarity of Pakistan and rise against such segments that are creating hostile atmosphere for institutions.

Addressing a well-attended meeting of IPLM Qureshi said that annually an Excellence Award will be presented to a lawyer of Rawalpindi for his services.

Zakiullah Qureshi who is also Joint Secretary LHC Rawalpindi Bar, said that the internal situation is quite explosive and foreign powers are after Pakistans existence while the government and the Parliament are ignorant of the peoples problems.

Government lacks will and capacity to resolve economic and other problems being faced by the masses, he said adding that political leadership is only interested in making money transforming themselves into parasites sucking peoples blood.

He observed that Pakistan is already facing challenges in Balochistan, Karachi, and FATA compounded with economic collapse and weak governance.

Lawyers must play positive role to stabilization country and avoid creating another troubles for the people, he underlined.

Speaking on the occasion, senior lawyers Ahmad Rashid, Taj Khan and Raja Irshad said criticism on army and its wings is a serious crime and culprits must be tried under High Treason Act.

They said COAS has always held the constitution supreme and a few elements want clash of institutions. Those who propagate against security forces have anti-Pakistan international agenda.

Mohammad Imran Mirza,Taj Khan,Tanveer Hinjra and Shahzad Amin Raja also addressed the meeting. Saadat Liaquat Ali Advocate recited Holy Quran.


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