West is so biased in Favor of Israel

West is so biased in Favor of Israel

By Saeed Qureshi:

There looms a colossal danger of the Israel-Hamas conflict to escalate further entailing huge loss of life and infrastructure. There is no parity between Hamas and Israel in military paraphernalia and size of fighting force. Israel is one of the leading military powers although its size is equal to that of New Jersey (22000 sq. km). She has the potential to blast the whole of Gaza (365 sq km) in matter of hours. She can shower bombs and missiles on Gaza and for that matter on any Arab land.

The latest conflagration that if not checked would pick up momentum and result in huge chaos and unimaginable mayhem in Gaza. Already several scores of Palestinians have been killed and injured in the conflict. Three Israeli citizens have also died. With the invasion that Israel would embark upon, the whole Gaza may be reduced to heap of rubble and cause countless casualties of the Palestinians.

In recent times this is the second mammoth offensive launched by Israel against the Hamas in Gaza Strip. A similar Israeli assault on Gaza launched during the winter of 20082009 is known as Gaza massacre. In that offensive as many as 1,417 Palestinian and 13 Israeli were killed.

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