Corruption scams in PIA Birmingham

Birmingham, MTT News Desk: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) Birmingham Airport Manager is utilising his political connections to get extension in his tenure. Sultan Mir, brother of Controversial Punjab Ex- Police Officer Sabir Mir was appointed as Manager PIA Birmingham Airport by the PPP government as reward for the services Mir family rendered for the PPP.

Former Inspector Sabir Mir was involved in the recovery of alleged fake Kalashnikov from the Sheikh Rahseeds residence Lal Havali during the second government of Benazir Bhutto.

PIA sources said that Sultan Mir tenure is to be completed by the end of November 2012 but he has already started his efforts to get another tenure of 3 years as Manager Birmingham Airport.

In this regards, an important leader of PPP from Rawalpindi is pleading the case of Mir with the PIA bosses and trying his best to approve the extension by the end of November.

PIA source in London informed that Sultan Mir and his deputy Riffqat Zaman are currently facing various enquires for their involvement in corruption and irregularities. Pakistan High Commission UK has already written to the PIA Management about the corruption of PIA Birmingham Airport staff.

According to the report of PHC UK, a frontman of Sultan Mir has been involved in the massive corruption and causing huge losses to the national carrier. Excessive luggage can be cleared by paying 150-200 pounds to Rasheedullah who is openly operating at PIA lounge and finalising deals with PIA Passengers, according to the report submitted by the commission.

The officials of PHC have also recommended that the entire staff of PIA at Birmingham airport should be transferred immediately as their further stay would tarnished the relations of Overseas Pakistanis with the Government of Pakistan.

Similarly PIA seniors management have initiated another enquire against Mir for abusing cabin crew of PIA who refuses to obey his illegal orders.

Despite repeated attempts PIA GM Public Affairs Sultan Hassan and UK Manager Mansoor Mela could not be contacted to comment on the issue.


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2 Responses to Corruption scams in PIA Birmingham

  1. S Zaman says:

    I know Majid Khattak personally, he was travelling along with his wife on PK 792, November 6th Birmingham to Islamabad. He was carrying 94 kg excess baggage which included two 42 inch TVs and was not willing to pay any excess baggage charge. Station manager was not available on that day while supervisor Rafaqat Zaman was handling the flight. Majid waited till last for Station manager but he was not available. Then he approached Rafaqat Zaman and introduced himself as a journalist and asked him to release his excess baggage without charge. Rafaqat refused claiming no authority to release baggage without charge.

    Majid then contacted Pakistan High Commissioner in London as well as Council Journal in Birmingham Mr. Sher Bahadur Khan who also insisted Rafaqat for release of baggage. Rafaqat showed his inability. Finally Majid Khattak checked in his four bags weighing 80 kgs as per their entitlement. He then abused PIA and Airport staff and threatened to write false against PIA Birmingham staff.

    As this article belongs to Majid Khatak who is a corrupt person and lives in UK as a spouse with his student wife. Before coming to UK he was LDC in Senate of Pakistan and attached with Senator Mushahid Hussain and always uses his name in High Commission and Consulate. Now on the expiry of his wife’s Visa he went back to Pakistan and is trying to re-apply his wife’s student visa and wishes to come back to UK.

    I would like to mention here that during the last three years Station Manager Sultan Mir earned millions of pounds in the form of excess baggage for Pakistan International Airlines and achieved the management target of excess baggage just because he was honest enough to refuse threatening journalists like Majid Khatak other to let their extra luggage go for free. This historical record can be checked/verified from PIA Head Office Karachi/London.

    • Sohailalvi says:

      First of All i want to straight the record, I am a Journalist in UK and know Majid Khattak. He is a journalist and a British National not on student visa as mention by S Zaman. Actually S Zaman is Rifaqat Zaman, PIA employee at Birmingham and using this fake name. Majid Khattak was the Press Secretary of Chairman Foreign Relations Committee, Senate of Pakistan from 2003-2007. This fact can be confirmed from the Senate Secretariat.

      Majid Khattak have already done some stories against the corruption of PIA Manager Sultan Mir and Rifaqat Zaman. MD PIA have already initiated inquiry against PIA Manager Sultan Mir and Rifaqat Zaman and appointed Mazhar Kiyani GM PIA as investigation officer. Sultan Mir and Rifaqat are also involved in selling Pakistani cigarette in Birmingham which are being smuggled via PIA flight and sold by the front men of Mr Mir. MD PIA have already ordered to check the CCTV of Birmingham airport to check the scale of their corruption. Similarly MD have ordered to check the mobile bills of Sultan Mir, Rifaqat Zaman and one of their agent to check their nexus in corruption.
      Similarly, Sultan Mir is supported by Ghazanfar Gillani of Foreign Office and MD have already started an investigation aganist Mir for using Ghazanfar Gillani name. Sultan Mir is using the name of Ghazanfar Gillani and have told the PIA employees that he is paying monthly to Mr Gillani for supporting him. Now Mir have said that Ghazanfar Gillani have demanded £5000 for him for extension in his tenure. Ghazanfar Gillani is the brother of Pakistan Foreign Secretary.
      Pakistan High Commission have already wrote to the PIA Management about the involvement of Sultan Mir and Rifaqat Zaman.
      Rifaqat Zaman have also contacted Pakistani Journalists and said that he is fed up from Sultan Mir, who is asking £1000 as a monthly from him. Rifaqat has given free hand by Sultan Mir to work in the Birmingham Airport This fact can be confirmed from Majid Khattak.

      NAB has already initiated investigation against Sultan Mir for his involvement in corruption and misuse of authority. One of Mir son is studying in Coventry University.

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