Take peace initiatives’ before dialogue process, Waza tells India

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: Jammu Kashmir Peoples League, Chairman and Hurriyat Executive Member, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza on Friday said that India should take peace initiatives before formal dialogue process, so that conflict affected people of both sides of Jammu and Kashmir can breathe in a peaceful atmosphere.

Addressing Friday congregation In Shopian today, Waza welcomed the ongoing dialogue process between the two countries and said that we have always advocated a result oriented dialogue process with the inclusion of Kashmir genuine leadership representing aspirations of people at Large.

However, he said that the dialogue process cant yield fruits till government of India fails to take peace initiatives in the state.

Dialogue and Human rights violations, dialogue and killings cant go side by side, so first of all government of India should make atmosphere appropriate for dialogue process, that would turn it result oriented, Waza said.

He said that after passing several years persons involved in the tragic incident of Shopian, in which our two sisters Neolfar and Asia were raped and killed were promoted instead of giving them punishment and said that there are thousands of incidents resembling shopian tragedy.

Waza said that Government of India should firstly stop violating human rights in the state that he and his security agencies are continuously violating the state. He said that they should investigate the cases of custodial killings, unnamed graves, and cases of custodial disappearances, cases rapes, molestations, human rights violations and others.

He said that both the countries before the dialogue process should reopen all five traditional routes that connect Azad Jammu Kashmir with this part of the state so that disconnected families of the both regions can meet the dear ones for which they are waiting from last a decade and people of Jammu and Kashmir can restart their business with Azad Jammu and Kashmir and other south Asian countries, were economic prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir is hidden.

Waza pointed out that without demilitarizing the valley, dialogue process cant yield fruits and said that government of India should leave aside its rigid police and should demilitarize the valley, release all illegally detained political detainees lashing in different jails and intragration centres.

He maintained that if government of India succeeds in taking these initiatives, can make post started dioluge process a result oriented and can pave a way for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue, for which they have given unparallel scarifies that will not go in vein nor any body will be allowed waste the blood of martyrs that they have given for securing right to self determination, a birth right of every Kashmiri.

Waza said that Kashimr freedom movement will be taken to logical conclusion besides facing all odds.


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