Waza hopes Obama may play role in Kashmir settlement

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: Senior Hurriyat leader and Jammu Kashmir Peoples League Chairman, Mukhtar Ahmad waza today hoped that President Barack Obama, who today got its second chance by winning the presidential election in America, may play his important role in settling the 65 years old Kashmir dispute according to Wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people.

Mukhtar waza in a Press Statement hoped that President Barack Obamas intervention in the Kashmir dispute can prove fruitful for the political and economical stability of South Asia as well as for whole world.

Waza said, Kashmir being a issue between three nuclear powers of the world i,e India, Pakistan and China has endangered the peaceful atmosphere in South Asian region. On Kashmir issue trio countries have fought several wars resulted bloodshed and wastage of money etc.

He said that world P5 powers like, America, Russia, France, China and Bartania, G8 and others are well known about the fact the India has illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to got freedom from Indian bondage Kashmiri innocent people are fighting peacefully from last 65 years.

He said that the during this period of time Indian and its security forces got involved in serious and worst kind of Human rights violations and people of Kashmir was subjected to worst kind of torchers that led to custodial killings, rapes and molestation, brutal killings, hundreds and thousands of people were killed by security agencies on the name counter insurgency, one generation of the Kashmir got affected by one or the other means due to the illegal occupation of India and the last 65 years have left thousands kids as orphans and more than that women as widow.

He expressed concern over the fact that the international community is only concerned about the economic interests in the world than humanity. He appealed international community to sideline the economic interests and gave priority to those issues who are connected with Humanity and said that Kashmir dispute important humanitarian Issue that needs intervention of international community.

He also appealed civil intelligentsia of India and Pakistan to come forward and play its role in resolving the dispute so that peace prevails in both countries as well as in whole South Asian region. He maintained that the civil intelligentsia of both the countries can draw a peaceful line by which Kashmir Issue can be resolved.


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