Converting fertiliser plants on coal to end gas crisis

Attock, MTT News Desk: The Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) on Wednesday said that converting fertiliser plants on coal will end gas and CNG load shedding in one day.

Rejecting gas load shedding plans, it said that the crisis is not of the gas shortages but that of true intentions which is key to resolve the issue.

Speaking to a meeting over energy crisis, Tariq Mehmood, former president of ACCI said that gas load shedding has made life of masses miserable which industry has suffered great losses.

He said that officials claim theft of gas worth Rs two billion per day which is almost 75 per cent of the shortfall.

If theft is checked or fertiliser sector is converted on coal ash, there will be no crisis in country, rather supply will exceed demand by 500 mmbtu, he informed. Current supply stands at 4100 mmbtu.

Tariq Mehmood, who is also Director Pak-UK Business Council and Chairman FPCCI Committee on Health, said that many countries having no gas are making fertiliser from coal ash.

China is satisfying 70 per cent of fertiliser demand by producing the commodity through coal ash, similarly, America is producing 15 per cent of fertiliser from coal ash, India 26 per cent and Australia 18 per cent.

However, Pakistan, which is left with some depleted gas fields, is bent upon using natural gas for production of fertiliser which amounts to axing own feet.

The business leader said that converting fertiliser plants to coal will create two hundred thousand jobs, save foreign exchange wasted on import of urea, put an end to gas and CNG load shedding and save by reducing fossil fuel imports.

Speaking at the occasion, President ACCI Dr. Khalid Saeed Khan said that our policymakers lack will, adding that honest energy managers can help end gas and CNG load shedding in no time.

He said that government tis buying gas for $5 per mmbtu and providing it to an influential sector on less than 20 per cent of the cost which is against the national interest.


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