Asghar Khan wins case after 16 years

Article by Muhammad Shahbaz Thuthaal: Supreme Court of Pakistan has given a land mark decision in Asghar Khan case. The court has directed action against Gen Aslam Baig and Lt Gen Asad Durrani. FIA has been directed to investigate the case against those persons, who received the payment.

The decision came after 16 years. Thanks to Allah Asghar Khan survived; where as the principal player Ghulam Ishaq and many other beneficiaries have since died. Gen Baig had restored democracy after Gen Zias death, where as he could have taken over. The manner in which Gen Aslam Baig defended his action seems that he must have done it in full sincerity and in the best interest of Pakistan.(according to his assessment) The decision of the Supreme Court will have long lasting effect on the politics of Pakistan.

Intelligence agencies all over the World do many things if it is in national interest. An intelligence agency murdered nuclear scientists of Iran and Iraq . Another world renewed agency is openly maintaining a private Army of contractors and drones to operate with.

Asad Durrani was serving in Germany as ambassador when he was asked to give his statement. This job was given to him by PPP, when he was retired by Gen Waheed Kakar the then COAS. If Gen Durrani had not given the Affidavit, there would have been no case. Why Gen Durrani gave the affidavit remains a puzzle?

Asghar Khan did not go to the court against Yahya khan, who had abrogated the constitution and refused to hand over power to the majority leader. In the process lost half of our Country, Gen Zia Ul Haq gave him honorable burial in 1979.

AM Asghar khan also did not go to court against Zia Ul Haq for 1977 coup? Asghar Khan had written letters to the army chief in 1977 for imposing martial law.

There was a time when Asghar Khan wanted to hang ZAB on the Kohala bridge . It is interesting that no one has ever asked for trial of all those responsible for the 1971 debacle or 1977 coup! But they all want Gen Aslam Baigs trial under Article 6. Poor Gen Baig cant even ask for going to USA , as he is unwanted person in USA.

How will Gen Durrani and Brig Hamid Saeed Akhtar prove that they gave money to the political heads? Most of these were cash transactions; have no receipts. At the end of the day they may have to return the money themselves.

May Allah forgive US for we know not what we are doing to this beloved country from Karachi to landi kotal and from chaman to gawader.


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2 Responses to Asghar Khan wins case after 16 years

  1. Raja Habib Jalib says:

    Justice delayed ,justice denied. I am not sure that this decision effect those corrupt people ,because whole leadership is involved in this game of stealing public funds by differant ways, God save Pakistan from these crooks, and Court is doing some thing great ,atleast telling the public about these crooks.
    Raja Habib Jalib.

  2. Siraj Ullah Qazi says:

    A very poorly written article that does not deserve any comment .

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