Kashmiris being deprived of fundamental rights

Srinagar, MTT News Desk: Senior leader of APHC (M) and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, has said that the people of Kashmir have been deprived of their birthright to self-determination for the last several decades.

Mukhtar Waza, while addressing Friday Prayers at Jamia Masjid, Aishmuqam, said that the right to self-determination was a fundamental principle of human rights law and its universal acceptance had made it a cornerstone right of the United Nations system.

He said that the United Nations Security Council had passed various resolutions on Kashmir that called for a free and impartial plebiscite under the UN auspices to allow Kashmiris to determine their future by themselves but they were being deprived of this fundamental right from last 64 years, during which lakhs of Innocent Kashmiri people laid these precious lives, thousands were torchered in intragration centers, Kashmiri young girls were reaped resulting greave human rights violations in the valley and very recently thousands of unmarked graves were found in the valley that itself are evidences of the human rights violations done by the Indian troops and other agencies of Indian Government.

He said that the people of Kashmir still wait for the implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir. He said it is high time for the international community particularly the Human Rights Council to play due role to expedite the early and peaceful resolutions of the dispute.

He said apart from the basic right, right to self determination , Government of India is looting natural recourses of valley and people of Jammu and Kashmir are facing acute shortage of electricity and other things.

He said that NHPC is behaving like East India Company in the valley as they valleys Natural recourses, water can generate more than 25000 MWA of electricity that we can sell and also can feed the state free of cost but due to Sindh-Tahas water treaty Kashmiris are also not to allow use this basic right and hence Kashmir remains as it was before 65 years in every aspect.

He said that government of Indian under a well planned strategy, aggression in every field like education, economy, and culture and Kashmiris are distanced from their own culture and education.

He appealed Indian and Pakistan to kick off a result dialogue process and include Kashmiri people in the process for the amicable settlement of Kashmir Issue.
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