Anti-Islam propagandists using names of Pakistani websites

Special report by Ch. Sajjad Ahmad: As everybody knows that Anti-Islam film has been released by some suspicious and criminal record holder American citizens. The outrage against USA and its filmmakers is at the peak in the whole Muslim world. But, a little impact on USA and its government is visible.

In order to further tease the Muslims in the world, a follow-up of the Anti-Islam film is initiated in the shape of suspicious e-mails. Many Pakistanis would have received Anti-Islam e-mails, especially in past few days. The e-mails would look like coming from some Pakistani website. One e-mail, which many Pakistani Internet users would have received seems like it has been sent from, (

When I have investigated the original source of the e-mails, which are allegedly coming from I found out that Pakistan based website has nothing to do with such e-mails. And that, the e-mails are coming directly from USA.

The investigations revealed that the e-mails are sent from anonymous e-mailer while using USA based hosting companies. The e-mailer tried to hide his identity by adding in his or her ‘Reply-To’ list.

All the emails from this particular e-mailer are coming from the IP address. This IP address belong to the IP range starting from to and is the property of, formerly known as LogicalSolutions.Net. The company is located in Pittsford (NY 14534) area of Rochester. Which is a border area of USA and Canada. is an internet services provider company, which is providing Cloud Hosting, Collocation and Web Hosting services to its customers.

The further investigation revealed that this IP address, is allocated to was merged with LogicalSolutions.Net back in 2008.

I have sent an e-mail to to obtain their point of view on this matter, but the company have not responded yet.

The information collected so far tells the story that someone has got his or her website hosted by and therefore, he is using their e-mail servers to send suspicious e-mails to various Pakistani e-mail addresses. In order to hide his identity, the sender of these Anti-Islam E-Mails is manipulating e-mail header to send fake e-mails.

Therefore, it is not necessary that the sender is Pakistan or US based. Anybody, who bought services from would have access to their servers and therefore, he is using those servers to send fake e-mails to Pakistanis and keeping his identity hidden.

In such a situation, the sole responsibility lies on USA based hosting companies and the US government to investigate the matter and make sure that their resources could not be used for the purpose of Cyber Terrorism.


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