Discriminatory nuclear policy of USA

Discriminatory nuclear policy of USA

Nuclear Security Summit was held in Washington on April 12-13 last year. India tried to exploit the event by drumming up vulnerability of Pak nuclear program and to make a case

to deprive it of its nukes. All its plans to get Pakistan censured dashed when Obama and other US leaders expressed complete confidence in Pakistan’s security system. In the wake of AQ Khan Network scandal in 2004, Pakistan had taken series of effective measures to prevent recurrence of nuclear proliferation. India in concert with its friendly US officials, media and think tanks then started playing upon the possibility of theft from within by Taliban sympathizers working in nuclear establishments.

189-nation Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signed by three recognized nuclear powers USA, former USSR and UK in 1970 had been formulated essentially to restrain all other nuclear powers or would be powers from indulging in nuclear arms race and to free the world of menace of nuclear weapons by an early date. Review conference has taken place every five years but so far the dream of a nuclear-weapon-free world has remained elusive mainly due to reluctance of leading nuclear powers from getting rid of their nuclear arsenal.


The main objective of NPT was to put an effective check on other states from acquiring nuclear capability rather than curtailing or eliminating their stockpiles. However, Israel and India were clandestinely helped by the nuclear club to become nuclear powers which impelled several Arab countries, Pakistan and Iran to pursue the path of nuclearization. India-US civil nuclear deal inked in 2008 has enabled India to acquire unlimited nuclear technology and fuel from Nuclear Suppliers Group to pursue its nuclear weapons program. This was done despite knowing that India is not a signatory to NPT. This discriminatory act has blown the very concept of NPT to shreds.

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