Dreams of Colonels’ coup

Dreams of Colonels’ coup

In the aftermath of Abbottabad and Mehran, the American and British media spearheaded a well coordinated vilification campaign against Pak Army and ISI. A wave of articles and

reports from Washington, New York and London churn out plenty of disinformation against Pakistan’s military and security establishment almost on a daily basis.

A senior Pakistani television anchor person close to Islamabad’s top power circles bashes and provokes the Army and ISI from his cool London and Washington surroundings trying to stir anti Army /ISI sentiments and spreading despair and uncertainty amongst Pakistanis.


Why do Americans seem desperate to isolate and malign Pak Army and ISI? Because both these institutions stand as the biggest hurdles in US/CIA evil designs against Pakistan’s nuclear program; both the Army and ISI resist uncontrolled and unchecked American penetration in Pakistan; both fight Indo- US nexus to create anarchy and lawlessness in Pakistan and finally because Army Chief General Kayani and ISI Head General Pasha refuse to bow to US dictates and appear determined not to compromise the country’s supreme interests.

Read full article at: http://www.markthetruth.com/articles/1959-dreams-of-colonels-coup.html


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