NWA Stands For No War Agency

NWA Stands For No War Agency

On the one side, the continuous and consecutive fulfillment of the US directed assignments by our visionless, corrupt and

incompetent government have put the whole nation in the dire frustration and bitter feeling of perplexity. The irresponsible and immature behavior of our government, the political leadership and the armed forces on all the current issues is ridiculous and embarrassing. Every one among our ruling fraternity seems totally unaffected and unaware of the complexity and sensitivity of the situation in the country.

The interests of the nation and of the problems that a common person is facing or else they deliberately pretend so to avoid the targeted intervention and not to lose the alliance by foreign forces. Hence resentment in the nation is festering up over this dilemmatic negligence of the very main issues by the rulers and hence no positive progress is being clued anywhere on any ground.


To get more and more political benefits and to score more political points on every issue irrespective of thinking on whether it’s in the interest of the nation, how to tackle with it to mitigate the consequences has become the sole job of our political hierarchy.

Read full article at: http://www.markthetruth.com/articles/1914-nwa-stands-for-no-war-agency.html


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