Targeting Pakistani nuclear programme

Targeting Pakistani nuclear programme

Written by Brig. (Retd) Farooq Hameed Khan

Pak- Iran relations may not be at their very best, yet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s startling disclosure that Iran has precise information about American plans to sabotage

Pakistan’s nuclear installations, should be an eye opener for Pakistan’s security establishment . The Iranian President further warned that the United States would then use the UN Security Council and other international agencies as levers to prepare the grounds for a massive presence ( in Pakistan) to weaken Pakistan’s sovereignty.

President Ahmedenijad must surely have credible evidence of the US conspiracy . His remarks reinforced Pakistani fears that targeting Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal remains the ultimate objective of US policy. For Iran, the horrifying scenario of a ‘denuclearized and weakened Pakistan under US domination’ , would heighten Iran’s insecurity and make its nuclear program more vulnerable to US and Israeli aggression.


The US has made deliberate efforts to gain intelligence and access to our nuclear program under various pretexts. Intelligence gathering, monitoring and surveillance of Pakistani nuclear sites , missile test firings and movement of launch platforms, through spy or commercial satellites is routinely resorted to, though senior US Defence officials admitted that complete information of our strategic installations is yet not available.

During Gen Musharraf’s rule, the US was reportedly engaged in a US $ 30 million project to streamline nuclear safety , command and control procedures. Better sense prevailed at our Strategic Plans Division and the US role was restricted to training our experts in USA, the program was non intrusive and was based on our right to ‘pick and choose’ from the US offered checklist of cooperation.

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