Nasim Yousaf compile s digital version of “Al-Islah” weekly

Nasim Yousaf compiles digital version of “Al-Islah” weekly

Nasim Yousaf compiles digital version of “Al-Islah” weeklyIslamabad, MTT News Desk: Allama Mashriqi’s grandson, Nasim Yousaf, has completed a massive undertaking to compile historic copies of the Khaksar Tehrik’s weekly newspaper, “Al-Islah,” into a digital format.

Prior to this effort, “Al-Islah” had not seen the light of day since 1947 for political reasons.

This publication is extremely important in understanding not only the history of the freedom movement of the Indian sub-continent, but also the true driving force behind the British transfer of power in 1947.

By painstakingly compiling a digital version of the newspaper, Mr. Yousaf has taken an important step towards making the publication accessible to a wide audience.

“Al-Islah” was originally founded in 1934 by Allama Mashriqi (founder of the Khaksar Tehrik) and launched from Lahore. It quickly established a large following, including subscribers in British India, England,

Bahrain, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.


“Al-Islah” played a key role in spreading Allama Mashriqi and the Khaksar Tehrik’s ideology and helped Mashriqi raise a well-disciplined private army of 5 million.

In addition, “Al-Islah” inspired other Muslim as well as non-Muslim organizations to follow the Khaksar Tehrik and form similar organizations.

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