Economic revolution but social destruction in Indian society

Economic revolution but social destruction in Indian society

India had successfully presented itself as a rising nation. But, for some reasons, they did not mention that India is rising from which aspect. India had made a significant progress in business and economy though but the impact of this progress is not visible inside India in any manner.

In the last 18 years, India’s foreign reserves increased from 1 billion dollars to 266 billion dollars and also its per capita national income but the National Commission for Enterprises (NCE) had submitted that 77% of Indians only have HALF a dollar per day to spend their lives.

Another institute in India, Madras Institute of Development had said that around 2 hundred thousands farmers in last 10 years had committed suicide.


As they have taken loans from private Hindu lenders and unable to pay back the burden of Interest and the principle money. Lack of Gov. support, poor prices of output etc are some of the reasons of it.

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