Defence Budget in the Realm of Power Politics

Defence Budget in the Realm of Power Politics

As per the realist’s school of thought, the international system is essentially based on power politics. The agents of the international system; the states, always aspires to acquire power. The most significant and the tangible element of the power is the hard military power, though, economy of a country plays a significant role in its attainment.

A strong diplomacy is yet another tool of power politics. Classical realists strongly believe that, relations between states are determined by their levels of power derived primarily from their hard military power, diplomacy and economic capabilities.

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Under the hostile global environment, maintenance of power (both hard and soft) and clearly defined national interest are crucial for pursuance of the state’s security and survival in the global international system, essentially based on anarchy. To attain these, a state has to help itself with the aim to ensure its safety and survival rather depending on other states or institutions, may it be the United Nations Organization even. In this entire episode, a state has to augment its own power capability through military arms build-up for its ultimate survival or to achieve a balance of power viz-a-viz its adversary.

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