Netanyahu’s Settleme nt Plan is Hobson’s Choice

Netanyahu’s Settlement Plan is Hobson’s Choice

The peace and settlement process between Israel and Palestinians is back to square one. It is like proverbial Hobson’s choice which does not brook any choice for the other party. The Israeli hardliner Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now in United States has been very specific this time to lay down his conditions for the creation of a Palestinian state that would be acceptable to Israel after a further process of negotiations.

He did not right away give his unequivocal assent for the establishment of a home land for the Palestinians uprooted way back in 1948. He gingerly gave a kind of lip service approval to the creation of a state for the Palestinians provided his four conditions were met in advance.

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu outlined the Israeli perception of peace with the Palestinian and his vision of a Palestinians state before the United States joint session of Congress in a 50 minute long address punctuated intermittently by the loud applause and rousing ovation by the Israel friendly Congress.

As a matter of fact he did not unfurl or offer any new proposals or ground breaking plans that would bring a watershed thaw in the decade’s old stalemated dispute between the Israel and the people of Palestine. It is fundamentally a replay of what Israel’s stance has been all along.

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