Raid on PN Base – Objectives of Foreign Intelligentsia

Raid on PN Base – Objectives of Foreign Intelligentsia By Lt Col (Retd) Zaheerul Hassan

Pakistan Army, Navy and Rangers successfully eliminated all terrorists who had kept hostage, the Pakistan Navy Aviation Base for almost fourteen hours. In this assault at least 10 military personnel embraced Shahadat and 14 were wounded. Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that 17 foreigners, 11 of them Chinese maintenance workers, were safely rescued from the base and shifted to the secure places. The attackers probably entered the base after cutting the wire and jumping over the wall running along a water channel.

In this raid two upgraded P-3C Orion surveillance aircrafts parked at the base have been either damaged or destroyed. Earlier too on August 10, 1999 an Orion air craft of same version had been hit by India near Badin.

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It is mentionable here that the Orion surveillance aircrafts have the capabilities of carrying out deep sea reconnaissance, surveillance in addition to locating and hitting submarines. There are media reports that, the aircrafts were probably upgraded against the wishes of manufacturer.

We can also not ignore here the news regarding killing of Mullah Omer being aired with reference to Afghan Intelligence Agency when the operation clean up of the base was under its way. The purpose of releasing of this news was to create security hype when Pakistan is really in critical situation.

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