Britain must not support US-style justice By Yvonne Ridley

Britain must not support US-style justice

There are a number of men being held without charge or trial in Britain’s own version of Guantanamo Bay.

And while David Cameron’s government

is willing to condemn the existence of this boil on the face of human rights in occupied Cuba it remains silent about those being held in Wiltshire’s Long Lartin prison.

Most of them are fighting extradition to the US … a fight that has become even more urgent now that we have all seen US justice in action in recent days.

US justice means extrajudicial killings, targeted assassinations and doing away with the need for a fair trial: any trial for that matter.

I would hope, and expect, all of their legal teams now, as a matter of urgency, submit new appeals on behalf of their clients to stop extradition immediately to a country that simply cannot deal justly with those it suspects of terrorism.

Can anyone really give guarantees these men will not be put up against a wall and shot in the back of the head the moment they arrive on US soil?

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