Justice In Pakistan

Justice In Pakistan

I am thinking a propos, why Pakistan is not introducing peoples like Muhammad Bin Qasim (who is ready to war on Call of one innocent girl) but today doctor Afia Saddiqi is in Cusdty of USA from last seven years but no action from Government.

Today why Pakistan in not conventional wisdom about thousand of mothers, sisters and Girls those are Victim of other peoples obsession and violence.

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Why nobody is thinking about an innocent Girl who was killed after raped in Gujranwala? Who will provide justice to that lady? Whose husband killed by an American CIA agent Raymond davis and she felt batter to kill herself rather than go for justice considering leadership behavior, Judiciary reaction and law and order agency attitude finally.

Even chief justice suffered for justice in streets, roads, city to city more than one year which was ended at the success of judiciary revolution.

Who will be responsible for army person’s blood? Which were sent to kill and won the war against own citizens? Who will provide justice to those children of Wana, Waziristan, and Wwat they were killed during operation.

Who is the responsible for the money pillaging in Pakistan? Nobody can imagine the feeling of that mother whose son is kidnapped by agencies.

Who is responsible for all these issues, problems, in Pakistan, no one we are all and the system of Pakistan is responsible, we provide the power to those so called leaders, Fake degree holders, Bank defaulters are running our country and this system.

Another source of lawlessness in Pakistan is the political conflict and rallies, which very often revolves around the ethnic biases. The ongoing killings in Karachi are an example of this form of conflict.

So due to this chaos assassinations and terrorism in Pakistan has taken away the lives of a number of intellectuals, leaders, and religious personalities, such as Prof. Hakim Saeed, Benazir Butto, Maulana Yusuf Ludhianwi, and Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, Nawab Akbar Bugti.

What is even more sad and disturbing is the fact that the culprits of none of these brutal murders have ever been identified. How strange and ironic it is that we take pride in being one of the most powerful Muslim countries in the world, due to our nuclear technology, yet we are a nation paralyzed by the utter lawlessness.

Even though the answers to these questions may be simple, their practical implications are probably not. The root cause of it all is this fold:

  1. Common corruption and lawlessness.
  2. Availability of illegal Arms to the masses ( Trebles, waziristan, even in Capital as well Educated cities of Pakistan).
  3. Unemployment is creating the Terrorism.
  4. Economic Crisis so that Political and Establishment is working for USA agenda.
  5. Lack of accountability at the level of police and other law enforcement organizations and even in judiciary.
  6. Lack of training and proper pay scales for law enforcement personnel.
  7. Lack of Sincerity and capabilities of the Political leadership.
  8. Politician and Govt current structure.
  9. Democracy in Pakistan ( we have seen some Marshal laws, and Political Dictatorship mean no real Democracy in any party).
  10. Education system in Pakistan.

Now I think Pakistan is going toward revolution I have no idea how to overcome on these Major issues. Drone attacks in Pakistan Increasing terror and creating worse conditions for law and order, business activities, and due to this Pakistan facing problem like economical crises as well.

I felt that Pakistan is in deep trouble now without True and honest leadership, now Pakistan is going for Revolution Youth is more Understandable with Pakistan major issues,( majority of Youth is supporting Imran Khan) they are just waiting for right leadership to develop and make Progressive Pakistan.

InshAllah we will overcome on these issues under the true, honest, Visionary leadership.

Show Effort, Unity, Peace, and Obedience Jointly To Save Adored Pakistan from Terror, Corruption,Economic, Political, Law and Order Crises So We Become Number One Nation In Future.

The writer is the Vice President of NA 49 Islamabad, Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf.


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