21 Point Programme of Rifah Party

21 Point Programme of Rifah Party

Pakistan does have a national vision and national leadership but it does not have a political party that embraces that vision and acknowledges its leader. The prime national objective of Pakistan

has always been the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir and Syed Ali Shah Geelani the leader of the liberation struggle for fifty years.

It is time we reiterate that Kashmiris are a part of the Pakistan nation and Syed Ali Geelani the leader of the nation. In a widely televised speech he made in Srinagar, Syed Ali Geelani said, “We are Pakistanis; Pakistan is ours”. Based on that reiteration Rifah Party embraces Syed Ali Geelani as the national leader and the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir as the foremost national objective of Pakistan.


Pakistan is located in a strategically important area where three emerging powers and two active battle fields are located. China is a nation of 1400 million people, India of 1200 million and Russia continues to be resource rich and territorially the largest country in the world.

Afghanistan and Iran are a battlefield where religious zealotry and ethnic chauvinism are a source of perpetual instability. India and Pakistan have been at war ever since they came into being in 1947. India threatens Pakistan’s water and food security by its continued occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. However, in the new circumstances, Kashmir can be liberated in one year.

Pakistan helped liberate not just Afghanistan but also the five Central Asian Republics and Azerbaijan. Their security and prosperity is a part on Pakistan’s national purpose. Consolidation of the ten ECO States all of which are contiguous Muslim majority countries – Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan – must be the common purpose and visionary objective of all ten states.

Pakistan being a nuclear power and the largest nation and Turkish the language of most of the states, Pakistan and Turkey must lead efforts to create a union of the ten states. The Union must embrace as its objectives: 1) acceptance that the present frontiers are sacrosanct and inviolable, 2) that an attack on any one state would be deemed to be an attack on all; 3) commitment to unfettered movement of people and goods within the Union. New high speed rail links – Karachi to Kashgar and Islamabad to Berlin via Afghanistan – to be built on priority basis to provide physical means to support the vision of Union of ten ECO states.

Pakistan is faced with internal threats aided and abetted by India and America. A political rationale to combat the threat from the Takfiri brand of Islam, tribal nationalists of Baluchistan or urban Mafiosi of Karachi and Sindh is needed. The political class of Pakistan is incapable of articulating the counter-argument. It is not the flag bearer of democracy but an instrument of loot and plunder.

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Every leading political party in Pakistan is run like a mafia with a single family in perpetual power. Pakistan needs at least one proper political party without which there is no hope of democracy or good governance in Pakistan. Rifah Party is resolved to be one such proper political party committed to a national vision and agenda articulating a programme that unites the people and accelerates its socio-economic progress. The outline programme of Rifah Party is as follows:

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