Chalo Church purab ki aur

Chalo Church purab ki aur

Chalo Church purab ki aur“Indian polity and judicial system are meaningless for Church and it still looks towards Western countries to solve their minor problems.”- R.L. Francis

Indian Christians have been citizens of a secular state since independence. Secular system might have flaws. Democratic system might be non-representative but it is a fact that Indian Church enjoys immense facilities which might be a dream for European and American churches.

Some of these facilities include running educational institutions with special rights and getting government grants etc.

Despite these facts Church leaders depend on the Western support to resolve their domestic problems. Indian polity and judicial system have no meaning for the Church.

These views have been echoed by none other than dynamic dalit Christian leader R. L Francis in his

soon- to- be released book – “Chalo Church purab ki aur” (Let Church go to East)


This book is a collection of articles written by the author in various newspapers and magazines. In this book, he has vehemently criticized Church for its imperialistic attitude and suggested them to introspect seriously on the current direction of the Church.

Indian Christians are unfortunate in the sense that Church has often portrayed attacks on missionaries as attack on liberty of Christians in the country and they do it for the sake of their own benefit.

They operate largely on fear psychosis which is used to garner monetary and diplomatic support from the European countries. Mahatma Gandhi had condemned conversion as its main goal was to create support base for British rule. Even today they largely depend on foreign funding. They are accountable towards European and American organisations.

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On the issue of growing incidence of attacks on Church leaders R.L Francis puts a simple logic. “If church claims of such a high level of service work in the country, then why people hate them so much. They will have to seek answer for this question. Why people like Graham Stains and his two innocent children are burnt alive by the irate mob? Church leaders still try to evade such questions,” says Francis.

‘Chalo Church purab ki aur’ deliberates on the current situation and dilemma of Indian Christians. They feel betrayed as they find themselves on the crossroad. Church has deserted them and they have been trained not to feel and think like common Indian so they cannot fight their battle in the typical Indian way. They still look towards Vatican for solving domestic problems.

R. L Francis blames Church for the current deplorable condition of Dalit Christians. Church is not at all serious about improving the life of these poor Christians.

In the second part of this book, there is a brief report of Rangnath Mishra Commission Report and its negative impact on converted Indian Christians. In this book Francis has put strong arguments on the need of integration of common Christians with the national mainstream which is largely absent today.


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