Raymond Davis: ignorance of US system

Raymond Davis: ignorance of US system

There are several centres of power in the USA each with a separate role and policy inclinations. But their work is complementary. The diversity in the system makes policy changes possible

allowing external forces to combine with internal pressures to accelerate change. Since the USA is still the sole super power, it is important for a government to be able to deal with different centres of power and the media to understand how US system operates.

When Raymond Davis shot and killed two motor cycle riders in broad ay light in Lahore and the vehicle sent for his rescue rammed another motor cyclist to death, it was not just Pakistan but the entire world that was shocked.


Why should a white American under contract with the CIA for espionage and clandestine operations in Pakistan be ‘showing off’ so crudely? Ordinarily an apology from the US State Department should have come within hours of the incident. But no apology came; what came instead was threats of dire consequences if Raymond Davis was not released promptly.

The US insisted, wrongly as it turned out, that he was a diplomat who enjoyed immunity from prosecution under the Vienna Convention. Once again the question arose, why? The Pakistani press rightly focussed on two issues: 1) was Raymond Davis an accredited diplomat in Pakistan, 2) if not; he should be tried and punished like any other foreigner who committed a crime in Pakistan. The crude efforts to hush up by Zardari Administration notwithstanding, the Pakistani media won that round and it was established that Davis was not an accredited diplomat and that he was rightly being tried by court in Pakistan for murder.

Read complete article at: http://www.markthetruth.com/articles/1580-raymond-davis-ignorance-of-us-system.html


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